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More Halloween stories
by Jones County Students
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Mrs. Oller

Dames Ferry Elementary School

4th Grade

The Night I Turned Into a Witch

By: Karley Logue

They claimed the house was haunted but it looked okay to me so I walked inside and there were witches, ghosts, my mama, and candy. I went straight to the candy. The candy was in a pumpkin bowl that lighted up and made noises. After I got the candy, I went upstairs and guess what I saw… my mama and a witch. The witch was holding some sort of potion. She said, “Put your hand in here. It feels good!” So I did. Before I knew it I was a witch, too! That was the best day of my life! I hope to do it again.

Happy Halloween!

Halloween Polar Bear

By: Caleigh McMillan

They claimed the house was haunted but it looked fine to me. So I walked inside and nothing was there except a pile of candy. So, I reached over and something was making it move. It was a baby polar bear. So I went to all of my best friends’ houses and Jared was the only one still awake. I took him there because he thought it was a joke. He put his hand close to the pile of candy and the pile of candy moved again! Jared jumped back and he moved the candy and it was a baby polar bear. Halloween night he was still there and so Jared picked him up and took him to his sweet dad, Mr. Chuck. Mr. Chuck said I will try to take care of it and on the way home I saw a crow sitting on a scarecrow. It was cute and that was the end of Halloween night. Except the next night and it kept going on and on.

The End

The Haunted House

By: Lexci Elmore

They claimed the house was haunted but it looked okay to me so my friends and I went in the house. When we went in, something jumped out at us and we had no clue what it was. So we went farther and farther. We went up the steps and we saw witches and ghosts. The witches had warts and they were making some kind of stew. When we got to the end of the hallway we saw a scarecrow and he started chasing us. We said, “Oh, my goodness! Why is it chasing us?” Karley was one of the friends that were with me and she said, “This is the worst day of my life.” I said, “Karley, get over it. It’s a haunted house. What do you expect?” Then we left the house and got candy. We went home and ate all of it. Then we stayed up all night because we were so scared! We told scary stories and we talked about the haunted house. We all thought it was kind of weird, but the next day we woke up and we talked some more about it! We all thought it was scary, but today is today and not last night.

The End


By: Angelica Huston

My friends and I were trick-or-treating and knocked on the door. When the door opened there was a green witch who had a big bag of candy. We got some candy and went to the next house. The door opened and there was nobody inside the house and there was blood on the door. When my friends and I saw it we went back outside and ran to the next house. We knocked on the door and said, “Trick-or-treat smell my feet, give me something good to eat, if you don’t I don’t care, I’ll pull down your underwear,” and the person at the door laughed and gave us a big bag of candy. We said, “Thank you.” Then we went to the next house and the man just gave us the whole bag, and then we went home.

The End

A Friendly Witch?

By: Haylee Peterman

They claimed the house was haunted but it seemed okay to me. So, I told my friends it was not haunted and that I would go inside to prove it. I walked inside and there was a witch. She was scary, but she was a friendly witch. I thought up a plan to scare my friends. So I told the friendly witch my plan to scare my friends. I told her that the plan was that the friendly witch would have some drink in a bottle for it to look like potion, and she would make me drink it. I would fall to the ground and act like I was dead. Then the friendly witch did our plan and my friends freaked out and then I got up after the witch did the plan and told my friends how the witch was a friendly witch. Then the friendly witch, my friends, and I lived happily ever after.

The Best Halloween Ever!

By: Sydney Lanford

They claimed the house was haunted but it looked okay to me so, we went on to other houses and got lots of candy. I came back later. I thought I was by myself, but I was followed by my best friend, Tori Dover. I said, “What are you doing? I thought you went home.” She said, “I decided to come, too.” I was like, “Okay, whatever. Come on.” So we walked inside and all we saw was candy and skeletons. About a minute later the door slammed! Tori and I ran to the door and tried to open it but it wouldn’t open. So we went to get more candy and we heard something. We thought it was just the wind, but Tori and I wondered where it was coming from. Then we found the window. It was up the stairs. So Tori and I walked up the stairs and looked out the window and saw a pool, so we jumped out the window. We landed in the pool and got out and we walked down the path that took us out to the street. It was the best Halloween ever.

The End

Crazy Haunted House

By: Tori Dover

They claimed the house was haunted but it looked okay to me, so I went inside and said, “There is not one thing scary about this house.” Then, when I said that, my friends came along. Well, two friends walked out and then one friend just came along. Sydney was really brave. Then the door shut behind us. We began to get a little scared, and then we heard a scream, “Help! Help!” Then we were running down the haunted house hall and went to the cellar. It was our friends locked in a cage. Then Sydney said, “That’s why we couldn’t find them.” We got them out of the cage, and then there was a vampire right in front of us. Sydney said, “Run!” Then the vampire struck at us and it put a hole through the wall. We ran through the wall. When we ran out, Lexci fell in a pool. When she noticed there was a great white shark after her, Karley said, “Run!” Lexci yelled, “Ahhhh!” Then Lexi finally made it up the steps of the pool before it got her. We ran back home and ate. Sydney told me we’re not going back in that house again.

A Hunting Halloween

By: Hunter Price

I had the most fun on Halloween when I got to scare the people that came to the party. I did not get any candy so I ate my brother’s candy. I had to stay and watch the fire and I saw something in the field. So I went out in the field and I came up on a deer. It was a ten-pointer so I shot it. I got the four-wheeler and put it on it, brought it up to the house, skinned it and took it to get mounted. When we took it, we saw another deer so my dad shot it, too. Then we got the meat out of it and then we got it mounted and went back home. The fire was still going so people were still coming to my house.

The End of My Story

The Best Halloween

By: Javaris Middlebrooks
I had the most fun Halloween when I got a lot of candy. The candy was so good that I fell out of my seat. I wanted to cry my heart out. It was so good I think if someone ever had it again they would like it. I would knock on the door and Michel Jackson came to the door I like. I was crazy and he said, “He, He, He,” and then one more, “He.” He started to sing. That was the best Halloween!


By: Donovan Chereck

They claimed the house was haunted but it looked okay to me so I went inside. It was very scary, but I kept going. Then I saw a ghost! I ran at fast as my legs could carry me. Then I ran one direction and I saw another ghost! I ran another direction. I saw a zombie! I ran away. I saw a ghost and I ran right through it. This time it followed me. I saw an open window, and I jumped out of it. Then I realized too late that I was on the second floor and hit the ground. Then I realized that I had hit the roof. I looked up and there was a zombie looking at me. I ran off the roof and as I was falling. Just then I remembered that it was four stories tall. I fell and landed right in front of my friends.

The End

The Best Halloween Ever!!!!

By: Shannon Waller

My friends and I were trick-or-treating and knocked on the door at somebody’s house. Then we were running down the street with candy flying everywhere. I saw Batman (but it is usually Bruce Wayne) checking for the Joker and the Penguin. Well, one of my friends was dressed up as the super villain then he left. Then we saw a haunted house. My friend and I got in but it was just my cousin’s church and I had the best Halloween ever.

The End

Apples for Halloween

By: Copeland Ammann

My friends and I were trick-or-treating and knocked on the door of a strange house, when all of a sudden I had a weird sensation like I had to eat an apple. I told my friend and he said that we should look in the kitchen. So we opened the door and turned on the lights. The house was awesome. It had a flat screen TV in every room. I looked in the kitchen and it was full of apples. We decided to live there. It was great!!!

The End

The Halloween that I Tricked Everybody

By: Mya Norman

I had the most fun on Halloween when I dressed up as a ghost. I got a bunch of candy because every time I tried to walk away from the house, the people who lived there thought I was somebody else and kept giving me candy. It was great. It was fun. I went to my best friend’s house and we traded candy.

My Halloween at the Haunted House

By: Chance Moorman

Running down the street with candy flying I saw a big, giant, blue house. “Maybe that house is safe to go trick-or-treating at,” I thought to myself. So I slowly walked near the house and then stepped back like, “What am I doing?” I thought about it and stepped forward. “I’m not gonna stay away from this house! I want candy!” I yelled. I knocked on the door and heard a whisper that said, “Don’t risk your life.” I just thought it was someone in the house playing a prank on me. “You’ve gone too far!” I said as I banged on the door. It slowly opened. “I don’t care about the trick, now give me the treats!” I thought quickly about what I said as I felt something grab my leg! “Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!” So after that, my bag filled with candy. How did that happen?

The Haunted House

By: Kayla McCook

They claimed the house was haunted, but it looked okay to me so my friend Savannah and I went running in the house giggling with no fear at all. “You guys scream if you get scared!” the girls outside yelled. Savannah and I just ignored them. We walked into the living room and it was not scary, but however, The Mona Lisa picture did just fall on the ground. “Ummm… Kayla, RUN!” Savannah screamed. “It’s okay Savannah!” I replied. “Oh, you didn’t even make it to the second story, Kayla and Savannah!” Katy yelled. “We’re going!” Kayla yelled back. We reached the kitchen and the sink turned on as we went past it. Savannah acted brave but you could tell she wasn’t. We went on to the second story and there we saw two kids. You could see right through them! “I’m out of here!” Savannah said scared. I said hey to them and they disappeared. I tried to act brave and I kept walking to the other bedroom and I was frightened. We both walked out in terror. We never went in it again! “I’m scared,” Savannah said. “Me too!” I said.

The End

My Best Halloween

By: Katy Holloway

I had the most fun on Halloween when my friends, Katie and Caroline, and I all dressed up like witches. We drank hot chocolate before going trick-or-treating. Then we rode in my mom’s car until we found a house with lights on. They gave us lots of candy. We drove to my mom’s friend’s house. When we rang the doorbell she jumped out dressed like another witch. She scared us! At the end of the day we had so much candy we had to put some in our hats. Best Halloween ever!

The Haunted House

By: Katie Pounds

I had the most fun on Halloween when, one night, my friends and I went to a haunted house. All my friends went through it last year, but I didn’t go. So this year they dared me to. So, when I was getting ready, Katy and Caroline knocked on our door and said trick-or- treat. I came out of the door and scared them half to death. Then we went to the haunted house. We went inside and there was a skeleton that opened the door when we touched the doorknob. It scared me and my friends said, “Ha! Told you that you would be scared!” But inside they were hoping that they would be okay. When we got home, Caroline and Katy came over and people started leaving. We were tired, but we had hot chocolate. Then we took Caroline and Katy home. We had the best Halloween EVER!

The End

Halloween in the Field

By: Brandon Hunnicutt

I had the most fun on Halloween when I was playing in the field. I saw Dracula and Frankenstein coming out of the woods when they were both eating a deer and a raccoon. They were running around the field chasing us. They were falling and trying to tackle us. Then a zombie was looking at me. When I turned around it started chasing me. Jason threw a knife at me but he missed and the knife cut my hair off. Then Freddie Croucor tried to claw me a little bit. Then we got away.

Trick-or-Treating with Friends

By: Precious Stewart

My friends and I were trick-or-treating and knocked on the door. No one came to the door but they had put a lot of candy bags on the porch, and they had a sign on it that said “Only one Bag.” We just got one bag and went to another house. We went to go knock on the door and someone came to the door. We said, “trick-or-treat,” and she gave us two whole handfuls of candy! We said, “Thank you,” and we went to the whole city. We had so much fun.

The End

Fun Halloween

By: Kendall Seekins

They claimed the house was haunted but it looked okay to me so I went into the yard. There were a lot of leaves and it was very windy. I went up to the door and knocked on it. I was scared at first, but when the door opened there was a beautiful lady with a bucket of candy and she said, “Do you want to come in and have some Apple Cider?” I said, “Yes m,amm.” So I went inside and we drank a lot of Apple Cider. It was a very fun Halloween.

Miss Summers, Dames Ferry Elementary, 4th Grade

The Haunted House

By Hope Dunlap

They claimed the house was haunted, but it looked ok to me, so I went inside and shut the door behind me. Then I got scared so I searched the haunted house. After I searched the living room, I went to the kitchen. There were dead bodies everywhere but something caught my eye in the kitchen window. It was a vampire bat! I was so scared! I ran out the door screaming and said, “Don’t go in the house!”

Happy Weird Halloween

By LaTecia Ammons

My friends and I (named Mary Cathryn, Crissy, and Helaina) were trick or treating and knocked on the door. A scary monster came to the door and said, “What do you want?” My friends and I said, “Trick or Treat!” The monster said, “I don’t have any candy, but come in.” We said, “No, thank you!” The monster asked us if we wanted some puppies or kittens so we said, “Sure, why not! Our parents shouldn’t care, we have so many cats and dogs.” We thought that was a weird Halloween treat, but we both took two of each.

A Candy Halloween

By Crissy Chaney

Running down the street with candy flying, I saw chocolate bars, chocolate filled with marshmallows, candy corn in different shapes, suckers and jumbo bubble gum. I wanted all of that candy but it was too high to reach. So I went to a Halloween gift shop and bought a broom but my costume was a cowgirl and most people would think that a cowgirl on a broom is a little crazy! But, I didn’t care, I just wanted the candy! I spent all night chasing candy. After a few minutes, the candy hit a billboard and it fell right into my treat bag. Then I flew back to my treat bag and got my candy and went home. I ate as much candy as I could eat, then I went to bed. When I went to bed, my friend called me. She asked if she could spend the night with me. Then in the morning my friend and I got up and ate all of the candy together. That night was the best Halloween ever!

The Haunted House on the Hill

By Madeline Hartman

They claimed the house was haunted, but it looked ok to me, so my friends and I went to check it out. But, the thing was it was on a big hill. Everyone called it the Haunted House on the Hill. So we climbed the hill, and when we got up to the house, I was the one who had to open the door because I was the bravest one. So I opened the door and we went in. We saw old pictures of old men and women hanging on the wall with old looking clothes on. Then, the lights went out and we heard a “BOO!” and a scary laugh. Then we saw a ghost and a witch. We were all scared to death! So we ran out of the house. A few years later, the house was gone. It turned into a pretty house. But, in the basement, the spirit is still there.

Beware the Scare

By Madison Crowley

One Halloween they claimed the house was haunted, but it looked ok to me. So I went up to it and I rang the door bell. No one came to the door, but all of the lights were on. My friends, Logan and Aubrey, and I walked inside. As soon as we closed the door all of the lights went off and we heard a voice from up above us. It said, “Who dares trespass on my property?!” We paused, then it said it again but this time it was louder. “Who dares trespass on my property?! Answer me, now!” “Our names are Madison, Logan and Aubrey,” we said. Then he started to come down, so we ran! We couldn’t get out! “Oh no, we’re trapped!” We finally found an empty room so we ran in and closed the door. Inside that room were cobwebs, skeletons, and rats! Gross! We all hushed so he wouldn’t find us. “Listen,” Logan said, “Someone is coming! Oh no! Just breathe, we’ll be fine.” “Why don’t we jump out the window?” I asked. “No crazy, we’re about thirty feet high!” Just then, someone opened the door. “It’s Austin!” I screamed. We snatched him in and told him why we were in that room. We finally got out the next day. We ran to the police office and had the Haunted House knocked down.

The House

By Saydi E. Smith

I was running down the street with candy streaming when I saw a house with lots of people around it. The house looked scary to me. I was with my friend Cassidy (I call her Cass for short). She didn’t want to go either but I said, “That house is giving out a lot of candy.” I went and Cass followed me to the house. We got so much candy we needed five bags each. I needed a wheelbarrow. Once we’re done, we’d eat candy galore! In a few hours, we would go back to that house. The second time we went there, there were even more people. The man gave Cass and me fifteen wheelbarrows full. We had so many pieces of candy; we were full until next Halloween. We would be going to that house for years!

The Haunted Party

By Curtis Jackson

My friends and I were trick or treating and knocked on the door and two arms pulled us in. I thought it was a trick, so I said kind of softly, “Trick or treat.” But, when nobody answered, I knew something was wrong. Then as quick as a flash, one of my friends disappeared. Then it was just me, Jackson, and my brother. When we were trying to escape, the lights cut on and everybody yelled, “SURPRISE!” It was a party just for me! It was a lot of fun. But, when I woke up the next morning, I was still in bed. It was all a dream.

Happy Hello Halloween

By Helaina Griggers

My friends and I were trick or treating and I knocked on the door when a man opened the door. It was Count Olaf. We all went running. When we knocked at the next door, it was Jason, so we ran again. Next we knocked on a third door, and when it opened, there was a Care Bear. It turned out it was not only a Care Bear; it was a Care Bear gone wild! He started singing and said, “Let’s dance!” We slowly walked back and started running again. So we went home…well, not home, but to my dad’s house, Jason! Hahaha!

Death House

By Adam Chapman

They claimed the house was haunted, but it looked ok to me, so I walked in. I had four friends with me. The first thing we saw were blood stains on the wall. A long time ago in 1905, a family lived here. It had been midnight when a man with an ax came in and chopped up the family. When the children thought about this story, it always made them shiver. They walked around and went into a room, a bedroom, and saw an ax, a chopped blood stained bed, and two rotting bodies. Then, they heard a lady scream and an ax come down, and then it was silent. They all screamed at the top of their lungs. They ran for the door, but it was locked from the outside. They were trapped in! They crawled down into the basement. This was probably a bad idea, because when they got down there, they saw a witch! She threw something at them, and it was all over!

The Haunted House

By Kevin Riley

They claimed the house was haunted, but it looked ok to me, so I went inside the house. When I opened the door I heard monsters and ghosts laughing a scary laugh. When I went upstairs, I saw five ghosts and twenty bats. I ran to my friend’s house. Her name is Maizie. We went back to the haunted house together and went upstairs. Again we saw five ghosts, but this time there were only seventeen bats flying around, and three were on the ground. Maizie and I were really scared. Then, Ansley came in from one of the doors laughing, and I started laughing too. We had tricked Maizie.

Chopper’s Halloween

By Jeremy Reid

They claimed the house was haunted, but it looked ok to me. So my friend Phillennia and I walked into the house. We saw weird looking bats. Phillennia noticed that the bats’ wings looked like saws. I called my dog, Buster, and he slammed through the front door. Slime moved on the floor. Phillennia yelled, “RUN!” We ran until I fell in a trap door. It was a while until a ghost came and it had a knife. Phillennia and Buster came running in the room. Phillennia attacked the ghost with Kung Fu and the ghost yelled, “AAAAHHHHH, Help!” Buster got me free and we all killed the ghost.

The Haunted House

By Phillennia Burchard

They claimed the house was haunted but there we were, so we walked in the house. The house was so, so, so, so scary. It had real blood and real ghosts. It was just my friend Maizie and me. Maizie stepped on a trap door and she hit her head on the board. She got captured by a ghost. Then I called for my friend Jeremy and he was just at the door. Then he sneaked behind me and scared me. Then we both stepped on another tap door and we slid down a slide and we found Maizie. We thought the ghost had captured Maizie, but the ghost did not. Maizie died, and we were so mad at the ghost. We killed the ghost, and Maizie came back to life. We were so happy!

Happy Halloween!

By Jackson McAfee

They claimed the house was haunted but it looked ok to me. So I went inside and the first thing I heard was a high pitched screech. “EEEEK!” So, I was walking with massive caution. All of a sudden a door opened right in front of me and I jumped so far back I broke a door open and fell through. That door led to the graveyard and gravestones were shaking and shimmering so much they fell over. I got up and scrambled inside and a bloody face was looking me square in the eye. So I panicked and ran so fast I sprinted right into the entrance door and two zombies chased me to my house. I threw a stone at both zombies and walked swiftly to bed.

Beware of the Haunted House

By Logan Craven

There was once three children going trick or treating together. They saw a big house that they wanted to go to. So they walked to the house with nobody on the streets. They knocked on the door without a creep. The door opened but there was nobody at the door. So the three children walked inside the door. “Hello?” screamed one of the children. “Hello?” she screamed again, “Is anybody here?” A sound came from upstairs. There were only two kids brave enough to go up there, which left only one kid downstairs. After the two children went upstairs, the one downstairs got stolen. She was not brave enough to go upstairs, but she was not brave enough to get stolen either. She was thinking to herself, ‘I shouldn’t go trick or treating anymore.’ After the other kids were done looking upstairs, they said, “Where’s Melody?” They ran out of the house with ghosts following them. They ran out of breath so they slowed down. When they slowed down, the ghost caught them. So they put the ghosts in a bag.


By Cole Maddox

They claimed the house was haunted, but it looked ok to me. So I went in there and I saw a Black Widow on the floor. I went to my house and got some rocks. I threw five rocks at him. When I turned on the lights I saw spider webs everywhere. I was walking and I fell in the basement. I was scared! I felt something crawling on my back and it bit me! I heard something rattling and I turned around to see ten rattlesnakes on the floor. I killed them all. Then I cleaned up the mess and ran to my house. I ate dinner but had no candy!

The Haunted House

By Maizie Bunn

They claimed the house was haunted, but it looked ok to me. I saw candy flying in the air at me. It was coming after Phillennia, Hope and me. The candy’s name was Just A Bar. Then I looked at Phillennia, and I could not find her. She was captured by the candy bar. Hope and I found Phillennia in the closet.


By Austin Whitmore

As I was running down the street, my candy bag flying through the air, I saw a whole bunch of jolly ranchers. Jolly ranchers are my favorite type of candy. I caught some of the candy in the air and then I picked up the rest of it.

The Best Halloween

By Andy Hunter

I have always had the best time on Halloween, especially when I saw Dracula over a million times in one night! Then, one Halloween night, I became thirsty and went to the gas station to buy a Dr. Pepper. While I was there, I saw that the Lotto tickets were on sale. I decided to buy only one ticket on that Halloween night. As soon as I got home, I saw that the Lotto ticket numbers for that night were 5, 6, 10, 20, and last but not least, 7! I yelled so loud because this was the greatest moment of my life! I had just won the lottery! The next day, I went to the Georgia Lottery Outlet and they told me that I had won $1 billion dollars and a brand new Ford F-250 truck. The money and the truck have become the most valuable things to me.

Halloween Nightmare

By Storm Walker

My friends and I were trick-or treating on Halloween, so we went up to a door and knocked on it. It creaked open, so we went inside and the door closed behind us. We were trapped inside, but luckily, when I kicked on the door, it opened and my friends and I ran as fast as we could out of the house. The next thing I knew, we were being chased by dead people! Luckily, we were able to get away. The next few days were normal, but soon, everyone started dying and the only ones left were me, Cole, and Andrew. Now it was up to us to get rid of the zombies!

Happy Halloween

By Jaron White

They claimed the house was haunted, but it looked ok to me, so my friends and I decided to prove it. We wanted to make the ghost in the house mad, if he really exists. We shot some rocks with a catapult and just to be sure, we put gravel in the catapult too. Then we used a sling shot to shoot toilet tissue on the house. Unfortunately, not ghosts were seen yet. Finally, we decided that the ghost didn’t exist. But then, something sharp poked me in the back…to be continued…

Halloween Night

By Mary Cathryn Glover

They claimed the house was haunted, but it looked fine to me, so I went to check it out. After I went inside and shut the door, bats were flying everywhere and one of the girls, Victoria, started to scream. Everyone else began to scream, including me. Then, we saw a picture fall off of the wall and onto the stairs. Victoria started to scream again, but everyone else remained quiet. We walked over to the picture on the stairs and it was covered in spider webs. A big spider crawled out a crack in the picture and I screamed at the sight of it! Then the spider grew and grew and continued to get bigger until it ate Victoria; this caused her to scream even louder than before! Then the spider chased us all over the house and we ended up running into a lot of spider webs. We finally found an open room, so we ran inside and locked the door behind us. I felt something touching my shoulder, so I screamed; it was a witch on a broom! I started to scream even louder and then I jumped out the window and escaped from the witch. My friends, however, were still in the house, but soon they all jumped out the window and landed on top of me. We all ran home and celebrated our great escape! All of our moms brought snacks for us to eat as we watched the movie Halloweentown. Once the movie ended, we all fell asleep.

Miriam ScottM

Clifton Ridge Middle School

Grade Level: 8

I Had the Most Fun on Halloween When I ………

Justin Whipple

I had the most fun on Halloween when I

Could hear the sound of feet fleeing

And the kids trick or treating

You could hear kids screaming at what they must have been seeing,

Such a super-natural being.

Then you begin to see candy flying

Which someone’s parent had bothered buying

That’s what makes Halloween fun

And lasts until the ghost’s reign is done.

They Claimed the House was Haunted, but it Looked OK to Me, So……

Amber Broughton

They claimed the house was haunted, but it looked ok to me

So I went inside the house and there were eyes staring at me!

They claim the house was haunted, but it looked ok to me

But now I’m in a mess and they want know where to find me

So I ran back outside and everyone was there

I stared at them in terror,

And they said “ was anyone there”?

Ms. Sedor’s 7th Grade Class – Gray Station Middle School By Kendell Jackson

They claimed the house was haunted, but it looked ok to us, so Ashton, Amber, and I walked up two flights of stairs before we could get to the door. When we got to the door, Amber and I got Ashton to open the door because we were too scared. After we opened the door it seemed like a normal house, but just a little dusty. When we walked in we heard a loud noise, it sounded like it was coming from upstairs. So we slowly walked up the old, squeaky stairs. Next thing you know a bat comes flying out of the chimney and hits Ashton in the head, and she falls! Amber and I went over to Ashton to see if she was okay, and she was sitting there laughing like nothing happened. After Ashton got up we saw this light. Well we stared walking towards the light. When we got closer to the light we saw a door. Well we also found out that the light was coming form inside the door. Amber went to open the door and the door knob fell off! So I said, “Ashton how about you try to kick the door to see if it will fall or break through.” So Ashton kicked the door and kicked it, but it never budged. So Ashton told me to try to get the door open since she couldn’t! So I kicked the door one good time as hard as I could and it went flying out the window.

When we walked in to the room there were people dancing to music and having a good ole time. We asked this one guy if we could join and with his deep voice he said, “Sure why not we could always use another guest”! So we danced and met a lot of new people. Well I was getting to know this one guy named Dakota. We danced for a while and I finally told him to take his mask off so I could see what he looked like. He told me that he couldn’t take it off. Well I thought he was playing, so I tried to take it off and come to find out that it wasn’t a mask it was his face, and he was real monster! I opened my mouth real big and my eyes popped out, and I screamed at the top of my lungs, “MONSTERS!” Amber and Ashton both looked and me and said, “What are you talking about?” I said, “These are not people in costumes, these are real monsters!” We all screamed and ran down out of the room, down the hallway and to the stairs. We ran down the stairs and into the “living room”. We looked everywhere, but we couldn’t find the door! I said, “I could have sworn the door was right there!” Ashton told me that I didn’t remember anything, so I pushed her. When I pushed her she stumbled into the cabinet. The cabinet titled over and the door was right behind it! I said, “Hey Ashton, there’s the door!”

So we raced out the door and down the two flights of stairs. When we finally got down to the ground we ran and we ran! We didn’t know where we were running to; we were just trying to get away! We finally got far enough away I said,” Y’all we are far enough away lets take a break!” So we sat down on the sidewalk and some how fell asleep. About 30 minutes after I fell asleep someone shook me, and I screamed! My mom said,” What’s wrong Kendell, it’s time to wake up and go to school!” I said, “Really, so I didn’t go out with my friends and get stuck in this haunted house?” My mom said,” No silly, you just had a bad dream!”

By Charvez Jackson

My friends and I was trick or treating and knocked on a strange door nobody answered the door a couple of seconds later a tall man opened the door. He was strange he was wearing a hockey mask. Kaleb said trick or treat the strange man glared at Kaleb. The strange man was quiet Kaleb was not afraid after starring at each other the man walked in the house Kaleb followed the house was empty and looked like no one had been living there. The men sat down, Kaleb are you trying to trick me because if you are I am not falling for it. I didn’t come here to be tricked I came here to get a treat and that’s what I am going to do. The man stood up straight and tall and looked down at Kaleb finally Kaleb said forget this I am going somewhere else to get candy! Kaleb walked towards the door the man blocked him and finally said don’t leave his voice wasn’t deep to be a man. The strange man reached for his mask he was taking it off and when he did the man said Boo!

It turned out to be Kaleb’s friends Kyle and Keith they said we so scared you Kaleb was relieved he thought he was going to die on Halloween.

Halloween Story

By: Samantha Keene

They claimed the house was haunted, but it looked okay to me. So I walked up the steps and went to knock on the door, but it mysteriously opened by itself. I walked in and the door slammed shut behind me. I kept walking forward and reached another door. I opened it and a monster was behind it! A big hairy, purple red eyed monsters. “AAHHH!!!” I screamed! “AAHHH!” it screamed. “AAHHH!!!” I screamed! “AAHHH!” it screamed. Then I turned around and ran away. This time when I reached a door I was hesitant to open it. I decided not too and walked on until I reached yet another door.

This time I opened it with out thinking. A green, warty, slimy goblin with a point nose jumped out and took my candy! I ran away screaming, which I had been doing a lot. I slowed down when I reached a window. I noticed it was a full moon. Then I saw something moving in the darkness. The moon was bright, but it was still hard to see. Suddenly I felt something crawling up my leg. I looked down and saw a giant spider. I slowly looked around for something to get it off. I saw a broom lying on the floor. It wasn’t there a minute ago. I reached for it; Wait, I thought, what if it’s a witch’s broom, but that thought quickly changed with the spider started crawling again. I grabbed it and WHAK! The spider flew across the room. “Splat!” It hit the wall, slid down the wall and crawled away. Then the broom started shaking. Quickly, I jumped on it hoping it would get me out of here. It did, but not in a way that I had hoped. We ran into the window, for I was not steering the broom, three times and the door twice. Finally it flew up the chimney and took me back to my friends. “What happened?” they asked. “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” I said.

By: Marquies Hunter

They claimed the house was hunted, but it looked ok to me so I went inside and checked it out.

When I first got inside I seen a little mouse nibbling own a piece of cheese I thought that was a little bit weird, but I kept going. Then I came into this room with a white sheet over an open window blowing ever where. Then I heard a door slam BAM I thought it was one of my friends coming in, so I went to go see. When I got their it was no one there so I just thought the wind close the door.

So I kept wondering through the house that they say were hunted. Then I came to the kitchen it wasn’t nothing their but an old rusty refrigerator. I won’t to open it to see what was in it. But before I could it open own it own. I got scared and tried to run to the door but before I could it got completely dark. So I tried to find the door in the dark but I couldn’t. So I went to this room that had a white blanket over the window blowing in the wind I looked out the window to see how high I was off the ground it wasn’t that high so I jumped out the window.

Then I went round in front of the house were my friends were and told them all about it. But one thing I didn’t tell them that I got scared. After I told them the story we went back trick-or-treating.

By: Kaleb Brown

My friends and I were trick-or-treating and knocked on the door…

An old man opened the door and said, “Here, now beat it.” He scared us a little bit,

Then he slammed the door. While we were walking down the old man’s driveway Kyle said, “That man looks like a werewolf.” I said, “No he didn’t.” Kyle said, “Yes he did and I’ll prove it.” So Kyle and I went to the window on the side of the house and when we looked in the window. We saw the man turn into a werewolf. While we were watching him; he some how heard he and us looked out the window and saw us. The old man got so angry and chased after us.

We ran for about 15 minutes and we had thought we had lost him, but it turned out that he was waiting for us at my house.

Kyle and I couldn’t run anymore, so he and I picked up some weapons outside.

I had a golf club and Kyle had a baseball bat.

After that Kyle and I started beating up on him. At the end Kyle and I had defeated the old man that was a werewolf. We threw him into the ocean and when we turned back Jaws came up and ate him. Kyle and I went back to his house and played Left for Dead while eating candy… Can’t wait till next Halloween!!!

By Kashalah Robinson

They claimed it was haunted, but it looked okay to me, so I asked my friends, “Do you dare me to knock on the door?” “You won’t make it! Somebody will take you away! I will miss you,” they all said. But I am a dare devil, so I knocked on the door and that’s when it happened…. That’s where my story begins.

I walked up the stairs to the haunted house and knocked on the door and the meanest, ugliest, rudest lady stood in the door. “Nice witch suit,” I complimented. She looked at me cross and said, “I don’t’ have on a costume.” “So sorry,” I said. “I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.” She started to cry as she grabbed my arm, threw me on her sofa, and slammed the door. “Get up,” she grumped, “Get up now!” I hopped to my feet, “Look lady I didn’t mean what I said. I was just trying to compliment you. Please don’t kill me!” I said. “Why do kids like you pester me? Do I look like a toy to you? You knock on my doors and run away. Throw eggs at my windows, and you don’t care how it effects me and my self-esteem!” she screamed as she walked through a doorway that lead to her kitchen. “Follow me,” she said. I walked into the kitchen where she picked up a knife, turned towards me. Just when I thought my life had ended, she handed me the knife and said “Cut this carrot in half.” I did as I was told. “Put it on that tray and let’s go.”

I followed her as we walked up the creaky stairs. She walked into a room where a very old, pale man laid on the bed and coughed as we walked. “What is that?” said the elderly man. “She is the pestering child that called me away from your special needs, Dad” said the ugly woman. I soon felt bad. “That is why are having her for dinner” the ugly lady said. “What!?” I screamed. “Yes, why do you think child come in and never come out?” said the elderly man, “But I don’t think its is going to taste good look how bony and skinny she is. My eyes are already bad; I’ll be searching for days for a single piece of meat.” “You’re right, fatten her” she agreed. “ So why don’t I fry it. If she doesn’t have an meat, her pod will taste delicious. Nice and crunchy.” I turned away and ran out of the bedroom. When I couldn’t find the stairs I kept running, “Where are you? Where are you going my pretty?” the lady yelled. Which searching for the stairs and running all at once, I ran back into the lady. “Aaawwww!” Look I just want to live. Please I will never ever come to this house again, just let me live. Please I said as I cried and dropped to my knees. All of a sudden it seemed like something was tapping, but I was starring right at her. I slowly turned my head, for the sake of that tapping sensation, when all of a sudden, at mid turn, I heard a chainsaw. I froze. This was my last breath; I jumped only to see the little old man. He had the chain saw and was about 2 inches from talking my head off. I took off running in hoped he would chase me; I was already out of breath. While running I saw a closet. I decided to jump in it so I did. While in the closet I felt something against my leg. I decided to jump out of the closet and run from my life. So I ran. I ran past the ugly lady, who was still in the same position, I ran past the old man who was still chasing me. I ran down the stairs and out the front door.


BY Kyle Skinner

My friends and I were trick –or – treating and knocked on the door when a werewolf jumped out of a bush and made me pea my pants .Then we heard somebody say come in and it was an old lady. We walked in and a leprechaun came and started chasing us and lane tripped and he got and took him up stairs and we could not find him.

A few seconds later a group of mean midgets started chasing us and we ran out the door and went to the graveyard. Then a bunch of zombies popped out of the graves and tried to eat us. Then Santa Claus, the Easter bunny, and the tooth fairy helped us get away from them and we ran away.

We walked under a big tree and sat down. While we were seating down a acorn hit me I looked up and squirrels were throwing them .Their eyes started turning red, and they started getting buff and I saw a steroid can so we got up and went to my house and watched Friday 13th.

Then we heard something outside it was lane he came back. We asked him what happened but he said he couldn’t’ remember .Then all of a sudden a big pumpkin went through the window. We walked outside and it was other kids. So we followed them to their house. Then we tee pied their house. While we were living a bunch of cats were running down the street, and a big dog. We walked up to him and there was a note that said throws the bone and run. So we did then we went back home and watched the movie.

By Hunter Peterman

My friends and I were trick-or-treating and we knocked on the door and a brown, wrinkly goblin jumped out and y friend saw my neighbor on the ground. Jamie said get that goblin so we ran after him. The goblin ran in this haunted house. There were signs, “Please don’t enter.” But we did and my friend Bob opened the door and ran after the goblin and then fell through the floor. Jamie and I jumped over the hole and we made it, but the goblin was up the stairs, as least we thought he was. We ran up the stairs and we heard this crying in the closet, so we opened the door and the goblin popped out and grabbed Jamie. I did not see Jamie again, but the goblin ran to the roof. I chased after him, but he threw me off the house and I broke my finger. So I ran off and told the police. They did not believe me, but they fixed my finger and I ran to my dad. He went to go check it out and it turns out he was just a scared child in a Halloween costume. That had to be the worst Halloween I ever had.

Halloween Story

By: Raegan Milholen

They claimed the house was haunted, but it looked okay to me so I walked in. Everyone was dressed in his or her amazing Halloween costumes. I joined the party with my awesome bunny rabbit costume. I blended in extremely well. I had the time of my life dancing the night away with Michael Jackson to “Thriller”. His zombies are surprisingly very nice. I thought I had made a new best friend, which Michael suddenly hanged into a mean, ugly green witch. It’s the Wicked Witch of the West! I was so scared! She was under disguise as Michel Jackson. Just as she was about to take off her mask…I woke up and realized this was all a dream.

Halloween Story

By Tia Lee

They claimed the house was haunted, but it looked okay to me so I went inside. I walked down the first hall, up some stairs, and then I got to two doors. Emily was guarding the red one and Alexis was guarding the blue one. I started to go into the blue one, but Alexis shook her head, so I went to the red door, but Emily shook her head. I did not know which one would have more candy. I looked behind me and saw that Sam was following me. I told him that I will go in the blue door and he should go into the red door. We went in the doors and started walking. It turned out that about ten steps down the halls connected. We kept walking for two minutes, but the lights went off. We each put a hand on the wall and a hand in front of us so we could not run into anything. A lighted sign came on in front of us that said choose your way to die. Sam said maybe we should answer peacefully, but I said we want to die of old age. There was a robot that picked us up and threw us outside. When we hit the ground I said, “What? No Candy?” Then the robot said, “No, no, no, no….” and then it self destructed in 10, 9… but by the time it got to 6 we had run 20 miles away. We heard a little POP. We were scared and most definitely done trick or treating.

We went to my house to have some milk and cookies. We thought that we were scared until Coleman, the Cookie Monster, burst through the window and stole our cookies. He ran down the street eating about 7 cookies at a time. We chased after him, but he was too fast. We decided that the only way that we could catch him was the use a car. We stole Ms Sedor’s punch buggy and went on our way. We were 5” away from him, but he jumped on the car. We started swerving, but he held on tight. I gave Sam the wheel and I screamed. I screamed because Amber jumped on the hood of the car and was tackling Cookie Monster. They both fell off the car and rolled down the street. We decided to stop, but the breaks broke. We jumped out the window we landed on Hunter’s trampoline and did not get hurt. We went back to my house for milk and cookies and never saw Amber or the Cookie Monster again.


By Alexis Hobbs

Running down the street with candy flying, we saw Ashton’s house burst into flames because she had her birthday on Friday the thirteenth. “What a dumb idea.” While Tia and I running we found an old house and ran into it because we knew that no one would be in there. Right when we walked in we fell through the flour and landed on a waterbed, which was pretty weird. We looked out a window and saw that Ashton’s lawn had burst in to flames to, so we turned away from the window. All of a sudden Chucky burst out of a wall and cut Tia’s arm off with his knife, so I put Tia on my back and gave her a piggy back ride because she was gushing with blood. Chucky quit following us and I didn’t know why there for a minute, and then I knew why. A boy named Dakota and a girl named Kendell where sitting on a hay stack and once they saw chucky they ran straight through a wall and kept on going and we didn’t see them for the rest of the night because Chucky started to chase us again. Then he disappeared again, so I ran up the stairs to the first flour. I was just about to go out the front door when I felt a sharp pain in my side, and I knew Chucky had just stabbed me. Then Tia jumped off my back and helped me run from Chucky. By the time we got to my house Chucky was gone and my mom took Tia and I to the hospital. Tia stayed with me that night and we fell asleep and where safe and sound.

By: Ashton Clark

They claimed the house to be hunted, but it looked ok to Raegan and Kendell, so they walked up the stairs to the house and opened the door and a party was going on, but there was no music. People were dancing and talking like normal people would at a party, but there was something about them that made Raegan and Kendell have a chill go down their spins. They decided to sneak up stairs to see what they could find. The stairs in the old house were very noisy so they had to be extra careful about where they stepped.

The stairs wounded upward like stairs you might see in a castle where people had balls and parties and they would come down the steps so gracefully. Raegan and Kendell were at the top of the stairs when they heard baby music and a baby crying. The weird thing is, is that no one had lived in the old house for years which made them think about down stairs the people who they thought they had seen. They ran back down the stairs and stopped half way down and looked in the living room and no one was there. This had Raegan and Kendell very scared, but these too girls liked adventure so Raegan said, “Come on lets keep going we are probably just seeing things, tonight has been crazy already I’m sure it is nothing to worry about.”

So the two girls headed back up the stairs and still heard the distant sound of music and crying. The girls walked down the hall way to see where it was coming from. They found the source of the music, but no one was there it looked like an old baby room where maybe at one point was a nursery. When they looked around the room they were alarmed because it looked as if someone had come into the house and took the baby that once slept in the room. Kendell was ready to scream when she saw a knife with wet blood on it. Kendell pointed at the knife and said, “Raegan what is that!!!!!!!!!!!” Raegan turned around and looked at the knife and scream she tried to keep her scream in, but it wouldn’t work. Raegan and Kendell walked over to the knife and Kendell picked it up and held the knife upside down and watched the blood drip off of the knife on to the floor. Raegan said, “Leave it here we will come back and get it and take it outside and bury it.” Kendell gently set the knife down and they both walked away from it, out of the room, and into the hallway not taking their eyes off the knife.

They kept on walking down the hallway and inspected every room, when they walked passed this one room and felt that someone was in there, so they walked in and Kendell said, “You check the closet and I will look around here to see what I can find.” Kendell walked around the room and all of the sudden she heard Raegan say, “Kendell!!! Help me.” Kendell scream, “I’m coming!!”

Kendell got there too late, she couldn’t find Raegan anywhere. Kendell looked in and out of all the clothes in the closet. Kendell moved dressers, everything, and then she opened a drawer and there right in front of her was a lock of Raegan’s hair with blood on it. Kendell was so scared when she saw it that she couldn’t even scream all she could do was cry and cry.

Then out of no where she heard a deep laughter, like you would hear in a scary movie, she turned around to see red eyes looking at her from the hallway (so she thought). She got up and walked into the hallway and looked around what she thought to be red eyes were really Raegan’s lights off her costume. Kendell said out loud, “ Who ever you are just let Raegan go and we will leave and never come back.” Kendell heard a thump behind her so she turned around and there was Raegan! Raegan just laid there and didn’t say anything and didn’t get up. Kendell said, “ Raegan come on we have to get out of here and get you to a hospital so see if you are ok.” Kendell picked her up and carried her out of the old house. Raegan was saved and Kendell was devastated everyone kept saying what happened, what happened but Kendell could only say, “ Never go in the old house!!!”

Halloween Night By Amber Marshall

I claimed the house was haunted, but Ashton, Kendell, and Reagan said it was okay. We went inside and Ms. Sedor jumped in a mummy suit. We all screamed and we ended up busting Ashton’s eardrum. Ashton dressed up as Dora, Reagan was a bunny rabbit, Kendell was Tinkie Winke the Telly Tubbie, and I was Boots, Dora’s Monkey. Would that mean that the house was haunted?

We walked down the hall and someone had dropped a bow of fake tarantulas. Even though they were fake, Kendell thought they were real and broke her wrist trying to kill them. Reagan was so creped out that she passed out. After she woke up, Tia came and she was Po the Telly Tubbie. After the walk was over, we went to Tia’s house. We all woke up at midnight because Kendell had a bad dream.
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