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Animal Services continues work through pandemic

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    Kittens are available for adoption at the shelter, including these three tabbies.
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    Dogs put their best foot forward for prospective owners.
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    Jones County Animal Services has a variety of dogs ready for adoption.
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    This cat is ready to go to the right home.

Jones County Animal Services remains available to help the community connect with finding a pet, reuniting with a lost pet or rehoming a pet because they want to help animals find joy and love in Jones County.

Jennifer Allen, director of Jones County Animal Services, said she’s been employed with the county for 12 years. She said she has plenty of experience dealing with animals in the community.

Allen said the shelter is important because it helps stay on the stray population. She said, if they didn’t help, there would be widespread diseases and animals running everywhere. She said helping to keep those down improves the community.

Animal services fast facts

  • Address: 1015 Monticello Hwy, Gray, GA 31032
  • Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Tuesday, Friday: 7-5 p.m., Saturday: 9-3 p.m., closed Thursdays and Sundays
  • Opportunities for adoptions, volunteering during business hours

“We help the citizens in the community with a wide variety of services here at the Jones County Animal Services,” Allen said. “We pick up stray dogs, take in owner surrenders, take in injured animals, educate the public and educate students in schools.”

The director said they only take in domesticated animals at the shelter, such as dogs, cats, horses, goats and more. She said, if people in the community want to volunteer at the Jones County Animal Services, they can come in during business hours.

“Volunteering makes a huge difference in these animals’ lives,” Allen said. “The dogs are in their kennels the majority of the day, so having someone take them on an extra walk makes a difference in the dogs’ lives. These animals definitely need the attention.”

She said people should adopt because it will make a difference in their lives. She said the dogs and cats will bring lots of joy to the families in Jones County, and the animals deserve a loving home, too.

“If people want to adopt, they can come up here, take a look at the animals we have available, and pick an animal that would be a great fit for their family.”

“We contract with several veterinarians in the area, and wherever they choose to have their spay or neuter done will reflect on the adoption price," the director said.

Allen said the adoption price is just for the spay or neuter, and the shelter makes nothing from adoptions. She said the veterinarian has set prices already for the procedure. She said they work with Piedmont Animal Hospital, Gadd’s Animal Doctors of Gray, Gordon Animal Clinic and Heart of Georgia Animal Care.

The director said, due to COVID-19, they are mostly doing emergency calls because they want to keep their distance. She said they didn’t take owner surrenders for a while, but they have started taking them again.

“We are slowly easing back into things the best we can,” she said. “We weren’t really bringing animals in unless it was a true emergency since the county closed down for about two weeks. We were slowed down for about a month, but we don’t have many people coming up here at once.”

Allen said they want people to socially distance if they can and use hand sanitizer. She said, if people are sick, they shouldn’t come up to the shelter at all.

She said they could use donations right now at the shelter. She said people should call or come up to the shelter to find out the wish list for donations.

“My favorite thing about being the director here is those few moments when someone has been missing their pet for a very long time and we find it,” Allen said. “We are able to reunite them, and it’s such a huge moment for that person.”