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Bible reading marathon planned on courthouse lawn

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    Groups sit and listen to the Bible being read at the annual Bible reading marathon at the courthouse. CONTRIBUTED

Jones County is participating in the statewide Bible reading marathon July 14 at 7:14 a.m. on the Jones County Courthouse lawn, reciting the word of God to the community.

Debra Hall, coordinator for the Jones County reading, said she’s very excited for the reading this year. She said anyone can read from the Bible at the event. She said people may be a little nervous at first, but she said in the end they seem to really enjoy it.

“This is exciting. It’s at 7:14 in the morning on July 14, and that’s based on 2 Chronicles 7:14,” she said. “This statewide Bible reading marathon was started in 2018, and one lady did it in her state. The year after is when Georgia jumped on board, and this is going to be our third annual statewide Bible reading.”

She said last year’s Bible reading turned out very well. She said all 159 counties are participating this year, and each county has their own scripture to read. She said it’s designed to be completed by 8 a.m., so everyone can get to work and go about their day.

“Everybody participates whether they read scripture or not, because they’re listening in the spirit of agreement. God hears our spoken words and our heart. People just have said how much they needed this last year, and how much the community needed this,” Hall said.

The coordinator said people should come to the Bible reading, because it’s a landmark event. She said it’s not something only Georgia is doing. She said 16 states and 57 countries participated last year. She said they want to expand the Bible reading to every time zone. She said Jones County will be reading 2 Corinthians 10 through Galatians this year.

“When we read the Bible, we know we are blessed,” the coordinator said. “Reading the Bible helps us grow and live moral lives. God’s Word is true. Ask Him to help guide you, and He will.”

Hall said her favorite thing about the statewide Bible reading marathon is she feels blessed when people get excited about it. She said it’s like a family reunion and meeting new members of the family.

“We need to have a personal relationship with Him. We have to recognize our shortcomings and turn around. Sometimes I’m turning around two or three times a day, but we have to turn around from our evil ways, and become a more holy people,” Hall said.

She said the event isn’t sponsored by any church, and any denomination can attend. She said in case of inclement weather, the Bible reading will be held in the courtroom. She said it’s best to show up early, and she can’t wait to see everyone.

“This brings the community together, and it blesses our community,” she said. “It blesses everyone there. The Word of God is powerful. It’s the sword of the spirit, because it accomplishes things. It’s the most powerful force in the universe.”