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Businessman wins first career car race

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  • Businessman wins first career car race
    Marcus Birt (right) and Craig Amerson with the winning racecar. CONTRIBUTED BY MARCUS BIRT
  • Businessman wins first career car race
    The racecar Marcus Birt drives in his races is owned by Houston Auto Auction in Macon. CONTRIBUTED BY MARCUS BIRT
  • Businessman wins first career car race
    Marcus Birt’s trophies from his championship in the Radial versus the World in Orlando, Florida. CONTRIBUTED BY MARCUS BIRT

Birt said he’s lived in Jones County his entire life, and he’s the owner of the local One Stop Auto Sales on Gray Highway. He said he enjoys the car business.

“Jones County is just a small hometown place, where everybody seems to know everybody,” he said. “I try to support the town since it is small. I like it here.”

He said during his big race in Florida this May he went up into the air, landing and messing the car up pretty bad. But he said he won despite that happening.

“The race I recently won in Orlando was called Radial versus the World. A lot of people are racing this way now. It’s a smaller tire on a Pro Mod car. The fans seem to enjoy these races quite a lot, too,” Birt said.

The racer said he won $20,000 from the contest in Florida and some parts from different sponsors. He said he was happy to win, putting his name in the history of racing.

“It felt really good to win. It’s always a lot of fun and a good time,” Birt said. “I got to use the momentum from the weekend before and pulled it off.”

Birt said the weekend before his race in Orlando he was in Darlington, where he made it into the final four. He said that made him feel good going into the race in Orlando.

He said he’s been racing for over 20 years now. He said the car he drove was owned by Houston Auto Auction in Macon. He said a lot of businesses and people in the Middle Georgia area have helped him with the car. He said Craig Amerson at One Stop Auto Sales maintains the racecar.

“I’ve always been a racer. Back in the day we used to street race, but you can’t do that without getting in trouble. Craig keeps the program together on a weekly basis these days,” Birt said.

The racer said his first race was probably in the late 90s, getting his start by testing cars that were built. He said racing cars went from there, and he never looked back.

“Even as a kid I liked racing. I liked the speed,” he said. “As long as the sponsors stay and help, I’ll continue to race. It’s expensive. It’s crazy the amount of money it costs to run these things, but it is fun.”

Birt said with this win under his belt, he can get some relief. He said he looks forward to his next competition if things go right.

“Racing these cars is such a competitive sport,” Birt said. “It’s very competitive, but that’s what I like about these races. Not one person is winning everything. You’ve got everyone competing at their best.”