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Clarification on Adam & Eve

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Dear Editor,

Just to remind us of what the word of God says, regarding the article in the Jones County News called “Features from the Bible, truth in scripture, more about Eve, the first woman, Adam’s wife”.

God did not instruct THEM not to eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. God instructed ADAM not to eat of the fruit before Eve was even created (Genesis 2:17 and 3:17).

Adam was with Eve when she ate of the fruit (Genesis 3:6). He did not protect her by stopping her from listening to the snake. All he had to say was, “Hey Babe, come here to me.” What woman wouldn’t respond to her mate calling her to him?

Adam and Eve’s eyes were only opened after Adam ate of the fruit, and not after Eve ate of the fruit (Genesis 3:7). After all, Adam was told not to eat of the fruit, not Eve.

As a side note, I heard a preacher speak on the original meaning of the term translated “helpmate”, in the Bible. This term was used to describe a woman’s relationship to her husband. The preacher said that the only other time it was used in the Bible was when it referred to the help that God provides.

God does what we cannot do for ourselves. He is a powerful helper. Most men will agree that their wives are powerful helpers also, doing what men cannot do themselves.

This is meant to be an encouraging word, as we learn God’s ways.


Kathy Dean