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Cry Out America event planned at Carol’s Park

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    A previous Day of Prayer event at Carol’s Park. This year participants are invited to bring their lawn chairs to social distance, and masks are welcome. CONTRIBUTED

Cry Out America, a patriotic day of prayer, will be held in Carol’s Park on Sept. 10 at 6:30 p.m. until 8 p.m. to pray for society, the nation and remember those who died on Sept. 11, 2001.

Debra Hall, Cry Out America statewide coordinator, said she’s excited about the event and she can’t wait to see people around Jones County show up to pray with others.

“It’s a call to repentance within ourselves, within the Church and across America,” she said. “It’s also a call to patriotism. I’m for it, not because I’m for all of our elected officials or policies, but because I’m for America. Our nation is founded on the Word of God.”

She said Cry Out America started in the 1960s, where people would recognize the military and law enforcement for what they do for the nation. She said after Sept. 11 happened, Patriot Day was established. She said they focus on having the prayers on that day.

“What makes us so patriotic is when we’re united in a cause. The goal is for it to be a public prayer meeting to call us out of our individual churches and come together as the body of Christ. We may have our differences in the way we do things in our churches, but we can come together and pray for our nation,” Hall said.

The coordinator said people can spread out and social distance at Carol’s Park. She said if people want to wear a mask, they can. She said people should bring folding chairs to Carol’s Park, and if the weather is inclement, First Baptist Church of Gray will accommodate the event.

Hall said the areas they focus on at Cry Out America are church/religion, government, military, media, arts and entertainment, business, education, first responders, and family. She said these areas are what people feel most passionate about.

“We want to get every county in Georgia to participate in Cry Out America,” the coordinator said. “God is calling to people here in Georgia. God laid the foundation for America, because we chose his Word.”

She said Matthew 12:25 represents the unity they want to pray for at Cry Out America. She said if America is divided, it can’t stand. She said she wants America to remain strong and have faith in God.

Hall said she gives people three minutes to say their prayer, so they have to go fast. She said the prayers are usually powerful and everyone seems very energized.

She said she always needs volunteers to help out with the event and hopes people will step up next year. She said she can’t wait to see everyone at Carol’s Park, praying.

“I got involved with Cry Out America because I saw the need in it,” the coordinator said. “My first step was a baby step. I called some people and we just met in the park, but it’s really grown from that. I believe in the power of prayer.”