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Event invites community into Gray Elementary

Parents and PTO members at Gray Elementary School meet to talk during Cupcakes and Conversation.

Gray Elementary School invited parents out for Cupcakes and Conversation, an event to help parents meet the administration and ask questions about the well-being of their children.

Leslie Poythress, principal, and Dianna Hollins, assistant principal, talked to parents and PTO members that came out to help answer questions about events that will be coming up during the school year.

“It’s an opportunity for community members to come in and talk to administration about any event that’s going on in the school, any issues they may be having and current events around the school,” Poythress said. “It’s for any concerns they may have or any praises.”

The PTO members wanted to clarify some things on their list from the last meeting they had while they were there, but it also gave everyone a chance to meet the administration team in a comfortable environment with snacks.

“I hope that this particular event builds the community as far as communication and relationships,” Hollins said. “If anything we want to build up our relationships with this community by keeping our doors open in this particular setting and allow them to come in to address those concerns.”

Hollins said it’s important for the administration to open those lines of communication for everyone involved with the school. She said she wants to see relationships built due to the relaxed atmosphere they welcome parents to.

“There are multiple ways we communicate with parents. We are here in person to talk. Our doors are literally open for anybody that wants to talk, but we realize not everyone can do that,” the principal said.

Poythress said parents can stay in touch with what is going on at the school through phone calls, emails, events, the children’s planners, and even talking to them in the morning while dropping their children off.

“It’s about building and growing. We recognize there are some strives we are trying to go for,” the assistant principal said. “There are goals we have, but everyone will have to be involved in that process and I think the first move will have to be communication.”

The assistant principal said they want to reach their goals of student achievement and by doing that they want parents involved. She said the school reflects the community and the community reflects the school, going hand in hand.

“I think it’s important for parents and PTO members to meet each other as well. For them to form some sort of commonality and fellowship is an important step. In order to meet the needs of the students, we have to have communication with the parents and have them feel comfortable in a school environment,” Poythress said.

The principal said she finds it important for parents to see that their children are well taken care of at the school and it’s important to have everyone who’s involved with Gray Elementary School working together to ensure that the children remain safe, secure and learning while showing their support for the administration, teachers and all staff.

“It doesn’t matter how many people we have here for Cupcakes and Conversation,” she said. “You can still gain a lot of support. I think it’s a success either way.”