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Deputy roughed up during scuffle

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  • Deputy roughed up during scuffle
    Travis Bernard Butts

Two deputies responded to a call earlier this month “in reference to a possible domestic disturbance” and death threats on Shady Rest Court, located just several hundred yards away from the Baldwin County Law Enforcement Center.

There, the deputies reportedly made contact with a man, who “was continually trying to go inside the house and not speak with us,” according to an incident report. The man then “took an aggressive manner and got up into (a deputy’s) face.” The man continued to refuse to answer any questions, added the report.

One of the deputies then made contact with a woman inside. While speaking with the woman, the suspect “went inside the residence and began yelling at (the woman), “You ain’t taking my baby from me. You (are) not (expletive) taking my baby. I’m telling you I’m gonna act a (expletive), I’m gonna go out with a bang, bro. You (are) not (expletive) baby, bro. And I don’t give a (expletive) (expletive)…I’m gonna go out with a bang now.”

The suspect then walked back outside, continuing to say that he was “going to go out with a bang.” The woman then asked the deputies to “stand by while she got ready and left for work.”

The suspect then “stepped in front of (the woman)…and tried to snatch her phone from her. (The woman) entered the house and (the suspect) tried to run in the house behind her.”

A deputy told the suspect that he would be handcuffed if he did not comply with orders, to which he replied, “who is going to put me in handcuffs,” adding that “well, you better call back-up. I’m on some other (expletive) right now,” as well as “I swear to God (expletive) I’m gonna go out with a bang. I’m gonna bust (expletive) (expletive).”

The suspect then picked up one of the juveniles and “continued to curse (at the woman).” The couple was not married, according to the incident report. The suspect initially complied and was handcuffed, but then stated “oh no, I’m not getting in the back of no car” and [purposely head butted’ one of the deputies in the chest in an attempt to get out of the car.”

Upon reaching the jail, the suspect became “aggressive with three jail officers” and stated “take these cuffs off. I’m gonna go out with a bang. Take these cuffs off (expletive) before I baptize your (expletive). I’m gonna get this (expletive), boy.”

Eventually booked was Travis Bernard Butts, 32. He was charged with terroristic threats, obstruction of an officer, disorderly conduct, escape and three counts of third degree cruelty to children.

One of the deputies sustained “two scrapes or frictions burns to her right arm and a large bruise on her left arm from the altercation,” according to an incident report.

BCSO reports

• A Blue Ford Taurus led deputies on a high-speed chase on the bypass and Ga. 49 around 1 p.m. Sunday. The vehicle was “weaving in and out of traffic at a high rate of speed” and “almost wrecked into oncoming traffic multiple times.” With this in mind, the Sheriff’s Office called off the chase. The driver of the vehicle “was allegedly the offender of a previous theft from a local Lowe’s store.”

• A man said that his ex-girlfriend tried to “run him off the road” while he was riding a four-wheeler Colony Farm Road. He did not wish to press charges.

• Break-ins, thefts and/or entering autos were reported in the Milledgeville Manor, the 100 block of Colony Farm Road, the 190 block of Stewart Drive and the 290 block of Pebble Hill Road.

MPD reports

• A shoplifting warrant was issued for Tina Lavonye Reid, listed with a Sparta address, after Reid “concealed a total of 12 items in her purse” at Walmart, according to an incident report.

• Break-ins, thefts and/or entering autos were reported in the 2330 block of Anthony Way, the 110 block of East Hall Street, the 3050 block of Heritage Road and the 1670 block of Pine Valley Road.