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Dollar General No. 6? Residents in area offering resistance

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The architectural drawings for Baldwin County’s sixth Dollar General property recently were delivered to the Courthouse.

The new store, according to site plans, would be located at the corner of North Jefferson Street and Log Cabin Road, catty-corner from the country club property and across the street from the Log Cabin convenience store. The new Dollar General parking lot would be accessible by two different entrances/exits, one on Jefferson and one on Log Cabin.

The proposal must first be approved by the county commission. For the very first time in Baldwin County, however, the Dollar General corporation is beginning to receive some pushback from citizens. A Facebook group titled “NO Dollar General - Log Cabin/N Jefferson” emerged over the weekend. Within days, more than 300 people had joined, and the group was comprised mainly of people who live around the country club and the general vicinity of the new Dollar General site.

Wrote one commenter: “I worry about the precedent a dollar general sets for future growth and expansion of the log cabin area. With the county having no zoning.”

Added another: “There is already a lot of congestion at that corner. We don’t need more traffic on Jefferson or Log Cabin. NO to Dollar General.”

Added another: “Also, we have a less than desirable neighborhood just below us and fear that the Dollar General (known for high levels of criminal activity) will draw that particular clientele our way. We can already here plenty of gunshots from that neighborhood from our own backyards. We really don’t want to invite them any closer to us and our families.”

The “less than desirable neighborhood” referenced in the final comment is the Duplex City/Grandview Drive neighborhood, which continues to be a serious challenge for law enforcement. However, the Jefferson/Log Cabin Dollar General wouldn’t be the first Baldwin County Dollar General built within a short distance of an economically disadvantaged neighborhood. Of note, there has never been a shooting incident or armed robbery at any Milledgeville-Baldwin County Dollar General location.

People protesting the construction of new Dollar Generals near their homes is a common and recurring theme all over America. NIMBY (not in my back yard) groups often form and often pack government meetings. Rarely does it work, however, and the proposals typically are approved by local elected officials, despite the pushback. In middle Georgia, however, there is some precedent for a NIMBY group that managed to defeat a proposed Dollar General. In early 2019, a group of residents behind the 6000 block of Thomaston Road in Macon were able to apply enough pressure and convince the Macon-Bibb County Planning & Zoning Commission to deny the application for a new Dollar General at 6855 Thomaston Rd.