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Forgotten workers

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Let’s be honest.

Some “service industry” employees around Milledgeville are very happy right now, and life is good. Not only have they been chilling at home since late March, but they’ve also been banking $600 a week in unemployment AND still being paid by their employer (PPP loan parameters).

Truth be told, plenty of folks around Milledgeville have more than doubled their weekly income while sheltering in place. There’s no need to be envious, however.

These same people had been underpaid and under-respected for a long time. A strong argument could be made that they’ve earned something like this, albeit under strange circumstances.

At the same time, though, these are the service industry workers who got lucky, and they’re the fortunate ones.

Not all service industry employees around Milledgeville have been nearly as lucky. In fact, some service industry employees have gotten the very short end of the stick. We’re talking about the cashiers and stockers at the big box stores, the clerks at the Jet stores, as well as the drivethru workers at the fast-food places on 441.

Not only have they been risking their health during the pandemic, dealing with people’s germs and people’s bad attitudes, but they’re also making about the same as always. Some have seen a temporary bump in hourly wages, but it’s marginal.

These employees are the ones out here feeding the people who are fortunate enough to stay at home. These employees are the ones providing services to those who don’t have to.

So, next time you’re in a Dollar General or a convenience store, go out of your way to be kind to the cashier. If you’re feeling froggy, thank them for what they’ve been doing.

After all, they’ve been the forgotten workers of this pandemic, and they are the ones who deserve our respect.