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New music store opens downtown

    MIYA BANKS/Staff
    MIYA BANKS/Staff

Groove Addicts Music Company opened for business earlier this month in downtown Milledgeville, fulfilling a longtime need for a music store near both Georgia College and Georgia Military College.

The business is at 122 South Wayne St., located between the downtown tunnel and Charmed Unique Boutique & Spa. The building has gone through many recent incarnations. In the last six years, alone, 122 South Wayne St. has served as a photography studio, a vape shop, a casket store and now a music store.

Groove Addicts buys and trades instruments, sells instruments and equipment, repairs stringed and percussion instruments, offers rentals, and is setting up music lessons for guitar, piano and percussion.

“We’re going to be catering our store to the needs of Milledgeville,” said owner Buddy Scroggs. “So, if somebody from a middle school comes in and says ‘hey, we need you to keep reeds for clarinets in here,’ we’ll start buying them. I don’t mind catering the store’s inventory for those needs and anticipating future needs.”

The store currently features a number of acoustic and electric guitars lining two walls, sound equipment ranging from mixers to speakers, antique record players, antique records, keyboards, drums, and a variety of accessories for instruments. There is also instructional material available for purchase.

Scroggs, a Georgia native, comes from a family who’s been in the music industry for over 20 years. The pandemic brought him back to Milledgeville, which he knew lacked a music store.

“The music program at Georgia College is very large, very large, and we know a lot of those people,” Scroggs said. “We know a lot of the professors and they’ve always expressed a need [for a music store], so we decided to help with that.”

The store offers instrument and sound equipment rentals, and they are building a studio in the back to rent out for recording and mixing. The studio is not yet complete, but is a near future prospect.

Guitar and piano lessons are already being booked, and soon percussion lessons will be added to the roster. Lessons are made by appointment, and appointments are made by calling the store at 452-2249.

“We’re going to be able to [teach] all aspects of guitar and electric bass,” Scroggs said. “And that includes if you have a ukulele or a mandolin. As long as it’s a stringed instrument, we’ll be able to offer lessons on that. The only string that we’re not doing is violin.”