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Happy Easter

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  • Happy Easter

There are many symbols of the Easter season, from the cross and the lamb to the Easter egg. But there is no truer sign that Easter is on its way than the appearance of the Easter Bunny.

At first blush of course, it can seem like quite a stretch from the resurrection of Jesus Christ to the appearance of a fluffy, chocolate toting bunny. When we look a little deeper, the connection of eggs, rabbits and Easter becomes a bit clearer. For millennia, eggs have symbolized new life and have been given as gifts at Easter time. Many of these early Easter eggs were crafted out of silver and gold, and while not as delicious as the chocolate variety, they were quite valuable.

Like the egg, the rabbit has long been a symbol of life and fertility and the appearance of the rabbit was seen as a harbinger of spring in many cultures. The Easter Bunny legend is thought to originate from an old folkstale involving a woman who hid Easter treats for her children outside on the eve of the holiday.

The legend says that when the children went outside, they saw a fluffy bunny sitting next to the treats that had been hidden. This simple folkstale is thought to be the start of the Easter Bunny legend, and for centuries since, children have awakened to the array of treats left by this symbol of Easter.

The Easter Bunny is the favorite symbol of the holiday for most children and bunnies figure prominently in many Easter celebrations. No Easter party would be complete without the appearance of the Easter Bunny and the rabbit is frequently seen adorning chocolates, cakes and other Easter goodies.