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Hot Corner Nutrition offers healthy drinks

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    The drink shop is located between China Garden and Sharks in Gray.
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    Staff working on a customer’s drink order.
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    Hot Corner Nutrition, owned by Nick and Scarlett Goddard, offer healthy, nutritious drinks at their business.
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    Hot Corner Nutrition has different seating options, so customers feel at home.

Hot Corner Nutrition, a new healthy drink shop, has opened in Gray for residents to get their iced coffee, tea and shakes at a reasonable price and get a treat while still being healthy.

The new shop is located at 300 W. Clinton St., Suite E, right between Sharks and China Garden. The business is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Scarlett and Nick Goddard, the owners of Hot Corner Nutrition, said they are excited to be opening their new drink business. The couple is from Putnam County, and Scarlett said she’s happy they decided to have their business in Gray.

“There was a sister store in Madison, and I worked at the hospital in Madison,” she said. “Some girls and I went to lunch, and said they needed to get their tea. I walked in and the store was cute, so I thought I’d try one. Once Nick and I started digging into the business, we decided to open our own business here in Gray.”

She said they started asking questions about making nutritious teas and shakes. Scarlett said she was always trying to be healthier anyway, so she felt like having their own business to make those healthy teas and shakes for others was a good idea.

Goddard said they picked Gray to start Hot Corner Nutrition, because Putnam didn’t have the space they were looking for, and the store had to have it a certain number of miles away. She said they thought about Milledgeville, but it already had two similar businesses.

“The people here are fantastic, and the help and the support we’ve had here has been phenomenal. We couldn’t ask for better people. It’s really great, and we are glad to have a business here in Jones County,” Goddard said.

The shop owner said they do meal replacement shakes, which is a protein shake, iced coffees, and teas. She said the teas have vitamin B-6, vitamin B-12 and vitamin C in them. She said the protein shakes are less than 200 calories, only six carbs, and they offer immune defense, probiotics and fibers to add in.

“We will continue to add different things as time goes on,” Goddard said. “We like people coming in and telling us what they would like. We’re working on a workout menu, too.”

The children’s drinks are $3 and the most expensive drink on the menu is $9. Goddard said her favorite thing about owning her own business is getting to do something she enjoys doing, and that her daughter can come and feel safe.

“This is something different that most people haven’t had before. We went around to other businesses like this and tried their stuff. We really believe in this. It’s just great, because we wanted it to be nutritious and good,” she said.

Goddard said people should try out Hot Corner Nutrition to try out something healthy as well as tasty. She said she loves getting to know different people, because she’s a people person.

“We see Hot Corner Nutrition being here a long time,” the owner said. “As long as the community supports us, we plan to be here. We really hope people stop by and check us out. It’s a very homey place, and you can hang out here.”

For more information about the drinks at Hot Corner Nutrition, visit or call 478-234-1969.