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Invitation to Bible reading marathon

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Dear editor:

The second annual Statewide Bible Reading Marathon will be Tuesday, July 14 at the Jones County Courthouse lawn. Christians across Georgia will join together on this same date, at this same time, at their county courthouses, for the same purpose - a public reading of the Word of God. Each county has a specific portion to read so that, collectively, every scripture from Genesis to Revelation is declared out loud, releasing God’s blessings over our state, our nation and throughout the earth.

The Word of God is exactly what this world needs right now. The root of the turmoil we see today isn’t really about racism, politics, religion, economics, family dysfunction, substance abuse, pandemics or plagues. It’s spiritual. The kingdom of satan is launching an all-out assault on our nation, to kill, steal and destroy, because at the core of our foundation, America IS a Christian nation. This is a war between supernatural forces battling for the spirit and soul of America. This is spiritual warfare as foretold in scripture, playing out before our eyes.

What is the answer to all of this hatred, confusion, unrest and turmoil? JESUS is the answer! He IS the true and living Word of God. He IS truth, peace, the only righteous judge, provider of our needs and many of our wants, our protector and so much more. Jesus IS our salvation. HE is the only real and lasting solution to every problem.

That is why this Bible reading is needed, especially at this particular time. There is a purpose to the timing. The date (7/14), time (7:14 a.m.) and mission are based on 2 Chronicles 7:14 which describes our role in this war. We are to NOT be idle bystanders, doomsday prophets, or cowering in fear. We are soldiers in the Kingdom of God whether we like it or not. This scripture reference tells us exactly what we must do IF we truly want to see positive and lasting change in our land, a change resulting in hope for the future of America. WE have our role to play as warriors. WE must take up our armor and follow God’s instructions as our battle plan. Our role is conditional as indicated by the word “IF”. It is 4-fold. We must be sincerely HUMBLE, PRAY continually, SEEK to learn more of God’s Word to become more like Jesus and TURN from anything we know is sinful. “IF” we are obedient and follow His instructions in an earnest and sincere manner, “THEN” God does His part.

“If my people who are called by My name, shall humble themselves and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

For this reason, I strongly urge everyone to make it a priority to participate in this appointed time of declaring the blessings and healing power of God’s Word over our community. This is a weekday and the hour is early, but God will honor your sacrifice of taking a stand for Him as we take a stand for our community and nation. Bring your children and grandchildren. Just think of the potential impact of bringing them to this event! This could be a life changing event for them.

Other states and 14 nations from four continents, representing 10 of 24 time zones, are participating in this ministry to cover the whole earth with God’s Word. THIS is a BIG deal!

We are eager to attend sporting events, recreational and social events. This can bring momentary satisfaction and deplete our wallets. However, Kingdom events reap eternal rewards. You DO NOT WANT to miss this appointed time of God’s Word speaking! He will honor your effort to support this ministry. We know His Word will indeed accomplish what it says, working healing where it is needed.

Bring your family and friends! We will begin promptly at 7:14, so arrive earlier if possible. We should be finished before 8:00 a.m. Inclement weather location is Gray Baptist Church.

Debra Hall