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Jones Countian named branch manager at Cadence Bank in Gray

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  • Jones Countian named branch manager at Cadence Bank in Gray
    Heather Scroggins with her husband, Matthew, her oldest daughter Shiloh, her son, Sailor, and her youngest daughter, Sydney-Roo. CONTRIBUTED

Scroggins said she’s lived in Jones County her entire life, growing up on a farm with six other siblings. She said she loves the county, and she’s happy she has the opportunity to watch her children grow up in the same town as she did.

“I love that all of us in the community come together in times of need,” she said. “It’s not perfect and every community has its problems, but I feel like we know how to put things aside.”

She said she’s excited to see her team grow and see the clients who walk through the doors of Cadence everyday. She said she cares about the people in the community since she grew up in Jones County.

“It’s very exciting and challenging to be the new branch manager of Cadence Bank here in Gray. I knew it was going to be a little messy since we lost people due to the merger, but I was up for it. This is my community, and I’m passionate about this position,” the branch manager said.

Scroggins said she tries to bring a bit of hometown culture while embracing Cadence because she thinks it’s a great company. She said she wants to deliver that to her employees as well as clients.

“I want to make an impact on the people here because I really care about this community,” she said. “I started here in 2014 as a teller, so I’ve seen the same people for that long since Jones County is a small town. I graduated from high school here in 2008; when this place grew, I wanted to make things easier on everyone.”

Personal Banker Missy Tanner said Scroggins’s a great branch manager because she knows how to do everything, and goes above and beyond to keep her employees and clients happy.

“Heather brings something really great to the bank, and she does fight for us. When I first met her she was a ray of sunshine. She just has a great personality. I knew she would be branch manager someday because she had goals. When you have goals, you’re going somewhere,” Tanner said.

Scroggins said she’s happy and excited to keep moving forward, but has reached her goals. She said it’s now time to start helping her team reach their full potential and watch the same passion she has grow in them.

“I had an emotional connection to the bank before it became Cadence because it was the first bank I ever worked with,” she said. “You become attached, and a lot of us are still here. I’ve grown with these people.”

June O’Manion, AVP and heritage club coordinator, said she thinks Scroggins will be a great branch manager for a long time because she’s supportive of the team. She said Scroggins isn’t afraid to step out of the box.

“She’s excited to be here, and she’s from Jones County, so she knows a lot of the clients here. She’s really a part of this community, she’s eager to learn everything about this bank. More than anything, she does whatever she can do for the clients,” she said.

Scroggins said she was thrilled to find out she was the branch manager because she thought it never would happen in her hometown. She said her career is thriving, and she doesn’t plan to go anywhere for a long time.

“The best part about being the branch manager is seeing my leadership be effective,” Scroggins said. “We’re all a team here and without them, I fail. When we can walk out together, knowing we served our clients well, that’s exciting.”