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A little bit of normal in Jones County

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The “new normal” is among a plethora of catch phrases we’re all tired of hearing. Also getting under my skin are “in these uncertain times” and “due to COVID-19.”

Why? They are redundant. We all know about COVID-19. We’re all uncertain. And we’re far from a new normal.

What’s a better catch phrase for 2020? How about, “we’re adaptable.” Restaurants changed to curbside service, and some have started delivery services.

Most people wear masks in public, and students have been able to go back to school. Many others are learning virtually.

We’ve adapted, and we’ll continue to adapt. It’s human nature. Everyone should find some comfort in that.

A normal sound that was in serious doubt until Friday night rang out from Greyhound field as fans cheered and announcers called plays.

The persistence of administrators, teachers, coaches and student-athletes who were determined for a piece of the “old normal” is a testament to our ability to adapt.

The Greyhounds faced an uphill battle against the No. 1 7A team in Georgia and No. 5 in the country, but the players never appeared discouraged.

The score was competitive for much of the first half, and fans were just happy to see football and have all of the hard work pay dividends.

The first two games don’t count toward playoffs, and if we can compete with 7A teams, we should roll over 5A teams.

What will be the cost? Did fans and students spread COVID-19, jeopardizing future games? On that point, I will concede, the times are uncertain. Hopefully people used common sense so that football and other fall sports can continue.

As we move toward flu season, wearing masks and keeping socially distant will help with any outbreaks of that seasonal scourge, too.

“New normal” is not an attainable target. Just as we see cases of COVID-19 increase, plateau, decrease or flatten, we have to be just as flexible in being prepared to respond to the unknown but continue to live our lives.

Hopefully, the sounds of competition from under Friday night lights will continue to ring through our county.

Instead of people referring to 2020 as a disappointment, we could also look back and be proud of ourselves for simple things like playing football during a pandemic. Next step? Go Dawgs!