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Powerof Personalization

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Powerof Personalization

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Bradford said she has always been crafty and sells some unique items to provide something for everyone.

Elliette Elaine Boutique gives customers the power of personalization by selling personalized monogrammed items at an affordable price to individuals located in the Middle Georgia area, including Jones County.

The boutique is located in Suite One at 3014 Gray Highway, and is open Monday through Friday, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The shop owner is Brenda Bradford, who lives in Macon, but she said she enjoys serving the people of Jones County with her skills.

“I like the hometown feel and I do have roots in Jones County,” she said.

Bradford said she opened her shop April 21 at the current location. She said she’s been monogramming for many years now, and this isn’t her first time having a boutique.

“I’ve been in the monogramming and personalizing business for about 18 years and I’ve kind of always done this,” the owner said. “I had a business in Jones County about 10 years ago, but I took some time off. This is where my heart is and I wanted to get back to doing it.”

The shop owner said she sells anything that can be monogrammed and items people need to personalize. She does embroidery, custom T-shirts, decal vinyl, heat transfer vinyl, and has vinyl and embroidery blanks.

“I’ve always been kind of crafty. You know what they say, do what you love and love what you do, so I wanted a job I loved going to everyday,” Bradford said.

Emily Watson, a volunteer at Elliette Elaine Boutique, said Bradford enjoys what she does because she is a creative person and likes giving back to the community. Watson lives in Jones County and applauds Bradford for her generosity, but also loves the time she spends at the shop helping Bradford create new items for people.

“I get to see a lot of people and turn something that’s a normal item into something personalized. I think monogramming is a popular thing in Georgia, so it gets branded as yours,” the volunteer said. “She does things to not only help her family, but to give back to people as well.”

Bradford said she’s always been a creative individual when it came to sewing and doing embroidery. She said she loves bringing her creations to life not only for herself, but for those she can bring a smile to.

“I first learned to sew when I was a child. My grandmother used to make me sew stuff during the summer, so I first started making purses and selling them at craft fairs. I wanted to be able to monogram them, so I taught myself how to do it because it’s something I wanted to do,” she said.

The boutique owner said she gets to be her own boss with the shop and she wants her customers to be satisfied with what they get at Elliette Elaine Boutique, so she tries her best to provide a low cost alternative with supplies. She said she has everything right in her store for people to make what they want at home, or to feel like her boutique is home.

“We want customers to be family, so we try to get to know them,” Bradford said. “We want everyone to have a personal experience. We want to know our customers and what they like.”

For more information about Elliette Elaine Boutique, please visit or call 478-745-6777.