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“…and they followed Jesus.” (John 1:37)

John the Baptist pointed his disciples to Jesus, and they began to follow Him. At this point in His early ministry, Jesus now had five disciples--Andrew, John, Peter, Philip, and Nathanael. Andrew and John were the first disciples. Then Andrew brought his brother Peter to Jesus, and Philip brought Nathanael to Jesus. These men didn’t know a lot of detail about Jesus but they knew He was the One.

They knew to call Him Rabbi or Master (vs38), but not yet Lord. They knew He was the Messiah (vs41), but had only a very vague concept of what that meant. They knew He was the Son of God (vs49), but would learn He was also the Son of man. They were yet to learn just what all this really meant. Jesus forewarned them that they would see great things. They would see Heaven open. They would see angels ascending and descending upon Him (vs. 50-51). For the next three years they would walk with Jesus, and as they did, they would grow in His teachings and come to understand these deep, spiritual truths. No, not at first. But in time.

However, their lack of knowing a lot did not stop them from acting upon what they did know. And they knew to follow Jesus and point others to Him.

You don’t have to be a great theologian to be a great witness for Christ. You don’t have to be a star disciple to be a faithful follower of Jesus. You simply need to follow Jesus and invite others to follow also. Jesus told Andrew and John to Come and see (vs38). Philip told Nathanael Come and see (vs46). Invite others to come and see for themselves just who Jesus is.

As you follow Jesus, as you point others to Him, you will, like the disciples, grow in your walk with Him. Then you too will see Heaven open!