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This is a prayer for America that I have presented before. I present it again.

“Heavenly Father,

On this 244th birthday of the United States of America, we pause to thank You for this great and mighty nation that You in Your Grace and Wisdom brought into being. We thank You for the multitude of blessings on this land and for Your Guidance through the years and through the difficult times. We thank You for the Founding Fathers that You raised up to use in the birth of America, and for that glorious document our Constitution that enshrines our precious freedoms, drafted and refined by the Founding Fathers as You guided them by Your Holy Spirit. We thank You for the many Patriots who have sacrificed much, including their lives, to protect and nurture this nation and the freedoms we have; freedoms that are not free. We also thank You for Your Mercy and Forgiveness upon America because of its transgressions and imperfections.

Now O Lord we pray for Your continued Mercy and Patience because our land has fallen far from You. America has embraced darkness instead of Light, fables instead of Truth, wickedness instead of Righteousness. The blood of millions of innocent babies runs deep across the land from the abortion mills. Sexual immorality and perversion pollute America’s soul with its filth. Violence, anger, hate, covetousness, idolatry, pride, love of pleasure, slothfulness, dishonesty, crime, unforgiveness, witchcraft, and a host of other sins are pulling America into Your corrective hand of chastisement. So we pray that You will cause a great Revival and Awakening to sweep across the nation; that the people from the President on down to the average citizen will repent, humble themselves, and turn to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Through the Grace of Your Son Jesus, America can be redeemed and restored. In the Holy name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.”

May God bless America, but may America bend its knee and bless God Almighty.