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Small things can bring true joy

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Dear editor:

Recently I watched an old Disney classic, Pollyanna. Pollyanna reminded me of my nephew, who has to walk through life with a unique set of challenges.

But he faces life with pure and simple joy. He has the biggest smile and the biggest laugh. Just to be around him makes you feel good. He finds joy in the simple things.

Pollyanna is much the same way. She had joy in her heart. She brought light to a small town and found the good in people. On my year long quest to be grateful for the

On my year long quest to be grateful for the simple things, this month was a bit more difficult. As you can imagine the past few weeks have provided a challenge as I would rather just crawl in a hole and disappear.

My goodness at what this year has brought us. It was to a point that I thought it pointless to continue on my gratitude journal, but then my sweet nephew, John, just kept creeping up in my mind. I am blessed to know him and to love him. I am grateful that God chose him to be a part of our lives. While his life is vastly different than that of what one would consider a normal childhood, and at times made me wonder why he had to face his challenges, I have grown to realize that he represents a joy that many of us only wish we knew. I am grateful that God allowed me to be his aunt. He has taught me so much.

God spoke, and reminded me at a time when I wanted to give up that pure joy still does exist in this world. Pain is real. Hurt is real. Hate is real. The world is cruel. The world is jealous. Remember Cain killed his own brother. Joseph’s brothers sold him to slavery. Hate has existed for a long time. All I ask is that each day you find a small thing that brings you true joy. Not superficial joy but a deep down true joy and find a way to share it with others. Find a way to do good in this world. And hopefully one day each one of us can discover the simple joys in life just as my nephew has and simply be happy.

Aimee Lundy