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Teachers to be appreciated at Sept. 13 event

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Teachers to be appreciated at Sept. 13 event

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At left, During the Teacher Appreciation Reception, educators can tour the Education Museum, looking back at the history of education in Jones County. PHOTOS BY ALAINA MINSHEW/ STAFF


A Teacher Appreciation Reception will be held at the Education Museum located in the W.E. Knox Civic Center Sept. 13 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. hosted by Jones County History and Heritage Inc. All retired educators, or those still teaching in Jones County, are welcome to attend the reception to honor their dedication to teaching young minds.

President of Jones County History and Heritage, Inc., Earl Colvin, said this event is to give appreciation to the educators in the county and show them the history of education through the years in Jones County.

“We’ve always tried to encourage our teachers to see the museum. We’ve always been appreciative of what they do, so our focus has been to tell a little bit of the history of education of Jones County through the museum,” he said. “We thought they would appreciate that and a reception would show our appreciation for what they do on a daily basis.”

Colvin said there are no speeches planned for the event, but the organization will express their appreciation for what they do in the schools each year. He said there will be refreshments to enjoy, and they can see the museum and get their questions answered about the history of education here.

“We are always finding people who never knew the museum existed, so maybe this will be a great opportunity for them to see it. We want to make them feel welcome as well,” Colvin said

The president said those involved with the organization have a lot of pride involved in what they do. He said they all appreciate education because a lot of them have lived in Jones County their entire lives.

He said he is proud of the education that’s been built up here and that Jones County has quality educators for the children in the schools.

“We probably have 1,000 employees at the board of education, the majority being teachers, so we don’t know how many will come,” Colvin said. “We just want to show our support for them, no matter how many come. This showcases what we do, but it’s also to show how much we care for our teachers.”

The event will probably be held again next year if all goes well. Colvin said he feels Jones County offers a lot for teaching careers, making educators want to stay and become veteran teachers. He hopes to see teachers come out to the event on Sept. 13 so that Jones County History and Heritage Inc. can show how grateful they are for what they do for the students and community.

“One of the biggest things that attracts people here to Jones County is we have an excellent opportunity for their children to be educated,” he said. “We are so proud that we have that quality of education, and we felt it’s important to show people how we got to where we are now.”