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Variety of vehicle chases reported

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  • Variety of vehicle chases reported
    Brandon Tipton
  • Variety of vehicle chases reported
    Jeffery Winkfield
  • Variety of vehicle chases reported
    Joshua McKee
  • Variety of vehicle chases reported
    Sheldon Shapiro

An inordinate number of vehicle pursuits involving random vehicles have been documented around Baldwin County during the last week-plus, resulting in numerous arrests.

On Tuesday, July 14, deputies responded to to a family violence call on Carolyn Court and ultimately found the suspect on Old Williamsburg Road, located off of US 441 near the lake. The suspect, Joshua Edward McKee, then reportedly took off on a fourwheeler, heading in the direction of Beaver Road and Sinclair Marina Road. During the chase, the four-wheeler reportedly reached speeds of 50-55 miles per hour, and McKee performed several hard u-turns, according to an incident report. McKee, 39, ultimately was apprehended and charged with hit and run, fleeing/attempting to elude, driving with a suspended license, battery and battery (family violence.

Last Thursday afternoon, around 2:30, a deputy was notified that a subject named Jeffery Winkfield had active warrants and was spotted at Wendy’s. Two deputies camped out in the KFC parking lot until Winkfield began to leave. Upon spotting the deputies, Winkfield reportedly put the car in reverse. A passenger in Winkfield’s car then tucked his bag of Wendy’s underneath his arm and got out of the vehicle, but then had a change of heart and got back in, according to an incident report. Winkfield then made a right onto North Columbia Street and another right on Dunlap Road, where the Honda Accord reportedly reached speeds upwards of 70 miles per hour. The chase then turned south on Jefferson Street and into the Boddie projects. After narrowly striking a patrol car, Winkfield finally came to a stop and got out in front of his mother’s house on Downs Street, while the man with the Wendy’s remained in the car, chilling. Winkfield then outran several deputies and escaped, but “was later taken into custody at a residence in the Boddie projects.” The vehicle was not towed and instead left with its owner, Winkfield’s mother. Winkfield was charged with fleeing/ attempting to elude, driving with a suspended license, possession of cocaine, possession of methamphetamine and probation violation.

The following day, around 1:30 p.m., a deputy “attempted to conduct a traffic stop near the bypass and Ga. 49.” Following a brief pursuit, the deputy was able to “block in the vehicle.” The vehicle later was determined to be stolen, as was the license plate. Sheldon Luke Shapiro, a 44-year-old man listed with a Hall County address, was charged with fleeing/ attempting to elude, concealed license plate, driving with learner’s permit and felony theft auto.

Around 8 p.m. Saturday, meanwhile, a deputy reportedly clocked a car doing 83 in a 55 on Ga. 49 West near Hopewell Church Road. Eventually arrested and charged on a multitude of charges was Brandon Cole Tipton, 21, listed with a Jones County address. All totaled, Tipton was charged with fleeing/attempting to elude, possession of methamphetamine, speeding, obstruction of an officer, driving without a license and reckless driving. The chase lasted for roughly three miles, with speeds reaching 100 miles per hour, according to an incident report. Tipton reportedly bailed from the car while it was still rolling, and a foot chase ensued. “After deploying (a) taser and telling the offender he was going to be tased, (Tipton) finally stopped running and got on the ground.”

Several hours later, the same deputy from the Ga. 49 chase spotted two dirt bikes on South Elbert St. “without any lights on.” A red/white dirt bike then reportedly turned right on the Vinson Highway and onto Thompson Street, while the yellow/white dirt bike continued on the Vinson Highway. The deputy chose to follow the yellow/white bike, which then turned onto Youngblood Road. The chase then continued for roughly six more blocks. The chase then crossed over the Vinson Highway and onto Barnes Avenue and the Milledgeville Manor. “Due to the driver’s behavior in complete disregard for his/her safety or the safety of others, and the great distance between me and the dirt bike, I terminated the pursuit. I sat in the area for several minutes and never heard the dirt bikes again.