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Walmart employee arrested for theft

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Tenia Jacinta Valdez, 22, was arrested after reportedly pocketing cash from the register while working at Walmart.

A loss prevention officer relayed to law enforcement that the incidents occurred between June 6 and June 24, adding that “the events were caught on surveillance camera, where Valdez can be seen taking (100 dollar bills) from the register and placing them in her sock.”

Valdez, listed with an Edwards Street address, is accused of pocketing $900, all totaled. She was charged with one count of misdemeanor theft by taking.

MPD reports

• Two different residents of Baldwin Park Senior Village by the old Baldwin High/Middle School relayed to officers that an unknown person sprayed weed killer on their plants and flowers. The one lady valued her plant loss at roughly $1,500 and the other at $800.

• A 911 call was made from the Waffle House by Garrettt Way in reference to “2 stolen waffles” on Saturday afternoon. The two suspects were described as “two juveniles in a silver Toyota Camry.”

• Several juveniles were accused of stealing a porch rug on Anthony Way and also setting off fireworks by the front door of the apartment.

• A theft of taking warrant was issued for David Mercer Burke, listed with a Roswell, who is accused of borrowing a good samaritan’s tire jack and not bringing it back.

• Shermeka Tarneisha Dickson, 43, was arrested and charged with shoplifting after reportedly phantom swiping six bras and one roll of packing tape from a self-checkout register at Walmart.

• A Putnam County man was arrested on drug charges following an incident that began with a stolen/pinged cell phone. The victim met with an officer at a home in the 800 block of Warren Street, and the officer knocked on the door. One of the men inside of the home said that “it was probably the same phone that (his friend) picked up the other day” by the Heritage Inn on North Columbia Street. In the process, a dispatcher relayed to the officer that one of the men had an active probation warrant out of Putnam County. A search of the man’s pockets turned up “a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana,” as well as “a white/clear crystal-like substance believed to be methamphetamine.” Robert Anthony Garrett, 57, ultimately was charged with possession of methamphetamine.

• Bryant Hargrove, 40, listed with a Starta address, was arrested and charged with criminal trespass following an incident at the Revelry Flats apartments (the old Grove apartments). • Break-ins, thefts and/or entering

• Break-ins, thefts and/or entering autos were reported at Firehouse Subs and East Hall Street.

BCSO reports

• A deputy responded to Lands Court after the homeowner became unhappy about the elevator inside of his home. Two employees of the elevator service company were asked to leave the property.

• A woman relayed to deputies that her ex-husband was “contacting the government” and “telling lies on her.” The man and the woman have six children together.

• Richard Brian Barber, 41, was arrested after “being extremely intoxicated,” accosting a woman and reportedly taking an aggressive stance towards a deputy while in the nude, according to an incident report The incident took place at a home on the Gordon Highway. Barber was so intoxicated that he was taken to Navicent Health Baldwin in an ambulance, added the incident report. He was charged with obstruction of an officer and disorderly conduct.

• Break-ins, thefts and/or entering autos were reported on Horace Veal Road, the 290 block of Ga. 22 and the 140 block of Waits Road,