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Woman misleads officer, arrested for animal cruelty

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Woman misleads officer, arrested for animal cruelty

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Dog owner surprised when she goes to pickup malnourished dogs

Andrea Dominick


The discovery of several malnourished dogs at a residence in Haddock resulted in the arrest of the owner and the confiscation of the dogs.

Andrea Dominick was arrested July 31 and charged with four counts of cruelty to animals. Jones County Animal Control Manager John Jackson said Dominick had told him she was out of town when the dogs were discovered. When she did not show up at the Animal Services building Monday, he said she told him she had car trouble getting back. Jackson said her social media posts told another story, putting her in Macon that morning.

Jackson said he told her she could pick up the dogs Tuesday, but a Jones County Deputy was waiting for her instead, who placed her under arrest.

A report of the discovery of Dominick’s dogs by Deputy Duane Jones stated that he was called to the Blounts Chapel Road residence July 29 in reference to an animal cruelty case and met Jackson there.

He said he was shown the living conditions of multiple dogs on the property. The deputy said he observed a gray and white dog in the front yard. He said the dog was barely able to walk and appeared to be searching for food or water.

“The rib cage of the dog was visible and consistent with the dog being malnourished,” he said.

Jones said he also observed a black and brown dog with a white spot on his nose. He said that dog appeared to have injuries to his face and legs. The deputy said he could also see the rib cage of that dog. He said another brown and white dog was inside a kennel with no food or water. He noted the kennel was not clean.

Jones reported a fourth dog chained to a large tree log. He said all the dogs appeared malnourished, and there was no visible food or water. He added that the dogs were in direct sunlight, and the temperature was in the 90s.

The deputy said Jackson took all the dogs into custody due to their living conditions. He said, several hours later, he received a phone call from Dominick, who stated the dogs were fed earlier in the day. She told him she was in Savannah.

Jones said he took out warrants for her arrest.

Jackson said, during his conversation with Dominick, she told him she had just received the two dogs. But the manager said he found pictures of the same dogs on the offender’s social media page. The date of the entry was in April.

“They were two beautiful dogs then,” Jackson said.