Good things

I’m going to write about good things this week.  I almost went off the deep end and wrote about politics, but after getting a restful night’s sleep, I woke up with a new attitude.  We have enough negative blah blah blah, so I’m sticking with the good things.

It’s been an excellent week working with local businesses on large projects.  Lori and Joey at Express Imaging have been the most patient people in Jones County this week.

If you need printing done, from flyers for a yard sale to banners for your business, try Express Imaging.  They work with you to make it look great, provide detailed proofs so you can spot mistakes, and remain calm when you’re flying in and out like a bat out of — Gotham City.

They also have a full selection of Jones County Greyhound shirts — long and short sleeves.

It’s also been a week for good guys — guys opening doors for other people and holding hands with their wives, girlfriends, and kids while shopping.  Guys who opened the post office door for me and smiled and said good morning.

A guy I’ve never met before had a great laugh and sense of humor.  While waiting for our to-go orders in DQ, we both agreed we’d be more patient in the future.  We’d wait in the drive-through lane next time, since rain started pouring down while we waited inside.

A bunch of hard-working construction guys who were hot and tired after a long day still grinned and held the door or offered to help me carry whatever I was lugging around.

It’s been an excellent week for girls and women supporting others.

Friendly service when I placed my first order at Starbucks and didn’t have a clue how to even pronounce the thing I was supposed to be ordering for someone else.

Others helping customers find items and remaining pleasant when customers were ill-humored from other things, but took it out on the manager or person at the register.

Most of you have probably been following the progress of the Bookmobile of Jones County.  I can’t say enough good things about all the people and groups who have donated books so that we can deliver free ones to kids in Jones County.

I also can’t say enough good things about the schools I’ve visited.  Going to four classes at Head Start, the Boys & Girls Club’s 6- to 12-year-olds and teens, plus 14 classes in Jones County’s school system has been an eye-opener.

Every single class has been well-behaved and respectful.  The kids have all been excited about their books and have thanked us for coming.  They want to show us which book they chose and tell us why.

When we’ve had a big crowd and each group had to take turns going to choose their book, they’ve all waited quietly, then jumped in when their teachers said OK.

Thank you again to all those student teachers, teachers, families, and friends who support all these awesome kids to help them grow up to be strong, caring, responsible adults.  The majority of the kids we’ve visited so far are ages 3 to 8.  Your love and support helps them get that jump-start to be successful in life.

I guess overall this week was one where I noticed the small things that people do to make life happier or make the day a better day to be in.

Thank you to all of you who’ve made this week better for someone else.


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