Here are a few predictions for the coming year

2016 will be a busy year for politics with a presidential election looming and several local contests to be decided.

For that reason, a local tax increase is unlikely. Two Board of Education seats will be up for grabs, but taxes are not likely to influence those races. By having some of the best schools in the state and effective leadership, few have ever shown up to protest tax increases. In fact, no one objected at the last set of public hearings when the millage rate was raised to its current level.

The City of Gray will not hold elections until 2017, but with millions of dollars in reserves and no budget shortfall, taxes should hold. 

The Jones County Board of Commissioners, all five of whom will be up for election this year, will not raise taxes. After the 2.75-mill increase in 2015, they are unlikely to raise taxes again. That move led to many people vowing to run for office to stop what they see as wasteful spending and ineffective leadership. 


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