New board gets to work, sets new structure

Jones County Commission Chairman Chris Weidner called his first board meeting to order Jan. 3, moments after taking his oath of office with his other four board members. 

The meeting began with several appointments to positions and county boards as occurs with the new board of commissioners every four years. The selection of a vice chairman for the board was tabled to the next meeting for clarification on the parameters for the position, specifically if the vice chairman had to be one of the returning commissioners. 

The first new business agenda item was a request by the Jones County Board of Assessors to change its 2017 budget to move $6,000 from one line item to another to cover the salary overage caused by the overlap of outgoing Chief Appraiser Linda Sibley and the incoming Chief Appraiser Tony George. 

The request included additional salary for George and an increase in salary for another employee due to acquired certification. 

Commissioner Daylon Martin asked for clarification on mapping software mentioned in the letter requesting the budget adjustment, and George, who was in the audience, answered his question. 

Kitchens commented that he felt it was presumptuous of the Board of Assessors to increase the salary of the department head without coming to the Board of Commissioners. 

Commissioner Jonathan Pitts made the motion to approve the request of the Assessors and the motion failed with a vote of 2-3. Martin, Kitchens and Weidner opposed the motion.


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