Officer finds veteran’s lost bag, arrests thief

A story that could have been about a good Samaritan returning a bag full of important belongings of a 72-year-old veteran is instead about the arrest of a woman charged with theft by taking. 

Maryann Vucile Smith was arrested Jan. 8 and charged with theft by taking by Gray Police Officer Cameron Stewart.

The victim was shopping at Harveys Jan. 7 and had his shoulder bag in the front basket of the shopping cart. When he unloaded his groceries from the cart, he forgot to get his shoulder bag. 

The victim realized his mistake about five minutes into his drive home and returned to the store’s parking lot where he left his basket. He found no trace of his shoulder bag and went inside the store hoping someone had turned it in. 

They had not and the theft was reported to the Jones County Sheriff’s Department. 

Stewart was dispatched to the scene and spoke to the victim. In addition to his wallet, credit cards, and other important documents, the bag included a firearm. 


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