OPINION: Vote early or vote on Election Day; just cast a ballot

Here we go again, right? This is probably another preachy column about the importance of voting and how it’s the cornerstone of our democracy.

Not really. We just want to be sure everyone knows when to vote and what options they have. One race has more candidates than normal, which is the race to be president. With campaigns starting two years in advance now, it’s much more a marathon than a race. Many don’t make it.

On the Republican side, you’ll see some people on the ballot (below) that are not even in the race. Those include Lindsey Graham and George Pataki. Several are polling so low, it’s hard to understand why they’re in the race. Jim Gilmore, a former governor of Virginia, isn’t even on the ballot in Georgia.

Meanwhile, on the Democratic ticket, Michael Steinberg is listed but doesn’t even come up as a top hit if you run a Google search. I had to add president to his name to find his Web site. Someone needs to talk to the Florida attorney about search engine optimization.

Ahead of the March 1 presidential primary, which includes many other states other than Georgia, early voting begins next Monday, Feb. 8, at the Jones County Government Center at 166 Industrial Blvd. in Gray.

-- Josh Lurie | josh@jcnews.com


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