Orphaned later in life

No one, regardless of how old we are, likes to be an orphan.  It feels oddly like a ship that has been securely moored in a harbor but then is set free to drift without anchor.  There is even a point when you feel you are without rudder.

We accept it as a passage of life and tend to look upon it as a mantle of age as parents grow old and die.  Since we know that the very young are sometimes orphaned, we tend to save our pity for them, but losing the ones who raised you is hard at any age.

No one likes it.  I know that much is true.  It is, as Daddy was oft to say about an undeniable truth, the law and the gospel.

“What,” asked a woman of me who was 80 and stood over the casket of her 96-year-old mother, “am I gonna do without Mama?”


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