Road to Hope: Eighth annual event tells story of crucifixion, resurrection

The vision of a Jones County pastor came to fruition for the eighth year with the 2017 depiction of the Road to Hope by Bradley Baptist Church. 

The Rev. Steve Johnson said he had the idea for a drama of the depiction of the events leading to the death and resurrection of Christ and shared his vision with church members, who made it happen. The first Road to Hope took place in 2010, and it has grown every year. Johnson said more than 500 people came to the Jones County church to view this year’s drama March 24-25.  

The church had no money for the cost of the props and costumes, so the congregation had fundraisers to gather enough funds for the drama. Johnson said 100 members stepped up to work on the first drama, and this year 160 participated. 

The extraordinary part of that number is Bradley Baptist Church has approximately 275 members, which means more than half are involved in the annual mission project. 

Johnson said the drama is changed each year, and this year scenes with Abraham and Isaac and the three temptations of Christ were added. He said a contemporary scene with a conversation of two firefighters was also new. 

The reverend said, in addition to the fundraisers to fund the drama, local businesses have assisted by sponsoring the event. 

No donations are requested or accepted the night of the depiction. 

Johnson said the purpose of the drama was to bring the events of the death and resurrection of Jesus to life. He said the impact of the drama is felt by the church members who work on the drama as well as those who view the Road to Hope. 

“This has brought us closer as a church. The people who are involved pull us all together and we pray for everyone who comes through,” he said.

Johnson said Bradley Baptist would have a special Easter morning service at 9 a.m. and 11 that would include a funeral service for Jesus. Everyone is invited to attend.

-- Debbie Lurie-Smith |


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