Thornton creates windmill in spirit of Independence Day

A local inventor expressed his patriotism over the Fourth of July holiday with a red, white and blue windmill in his front yard, complete with American flag and Uncle Sam.

Ed Thornton is known for his multiple talents and interests that range from playing the guitar to painting, repairing clocks, woodcarving, restoring automobiles, and much, much more. He said the windmill project started with the purchase of a ceiling fan at a thrift store.

Thornton said he had been looking for an old ceiling fan because he had an idea of how to make a windmill. He said he had the Uncle Sam, and the tail of the windmill was made from a piece from a travel trailer. The bearings to let the windmill swivel came from a wheelchair. 

“I put it together and painted it red, white and blue for the Fourth of July,” he said.


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