Would-be arsonist who targeted officer sought

Around 6:00 am this morning just outside of Gray, someone set fire to the home of one of our deputies and his wife, who is an investigator with the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office.  This is the second time this week.  Thankfully, the fire was discovered by a passing motorist and the lady stopped and beat on the door to wake them up to tell them their house was on fire.(Thank you again for stopping and getting them out of the house).  The fire was quickly extinguished.  The family, although shaken up, were not injured.  Investigators and Deputies have been working on this since before daylight and have come up with some leads.
The man in the blue shirt in these photographs is a person of interest in this investigation.  The photographs were taken at WalMart on Gray Highway between 9:00PM and 9:30PM last night (Thursday, July 26, 2018).  The man has brown hair, tattoos on his left forearm, and right inner wrist, and rides a motorcycle, and wears a small helmet when riding.  In the photographs, he has a pair of clear safety-type goggles propped on his forehead, making him appear to be bald in spots.  If you know who this man is, or have any information please contact the Jones County Sheriffs’ Office at 478-986-3489.  A $2500.00 reward is being offered on top of anything the Georgia Arson Control awards....Sheriff Reece


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