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Multimedia competition to focus on WW I

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Multimedia competition to focus on WW I

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A war that ended 100 years ago is being commemorated in Jones County as part of its annual Veterans Appreciation Day with a contest that is anticipated to be high tech.

The Jones County Veterans Youth Multimedia Competition includes $600 in prize money to be distributed to this year’s winners.

Veterans Committee members agreed at their March meeting to add the anniversary of the conclusion of World War I to the Appreciation Day celebration in the form of a Youth Multimedia Contest.

The theme of the competition is WWI, and the deadline to enter the contest is Sept. 24.

The prizes of $300 will be awarded for first place, $200 for second and $100 for third place. Youths in grades 5-12 who are permanent residents of Jones County are invited to participate.

Copies of the submission guidelines are available at Jones County schools.

The task for the entrants is to create a historically accurate and engaging multimedia video/ presentation, which focuses on addressing the theme and answers three questions. Those questions are: what was the global significance of WWI? How did WWI impact the United States? What effects were felt not only in Georgia but also in Jones County?

The idea of the competition was brought up by Veterans Committee Chairman Richard Combs, who pointed out that this year’s annual celebration would take place on the 100th anniversary of the signing of the armistice between the Allies of World War I and Germany.

The truce took effect at eleven o’clock in the morning “the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month” of 1918.

Combs said that event is now celebrated in the U.S. as Veterans Day. The chairman said he did some research and found that WWI continues to have local impact.

He said several World War I memorials are located in the Macon area, and one memorial in Milledgeville honors African American Veterans who served WWI.

The chairman said Jones County’s WWI memorial at the courthouse lists 21 names of veterans who died in the war, which is interesting considering the population of the county was only 13,000 at the time.

A discussion about the way to honor the event led to the idea of an essay contest for students as a way to interest them in the occasion.

Combs enlisted the help of Jones County School System Literacy Specialist Amy Marlowe who attended a subsequent committee meeting and the idea of a multimedia competition was born.

For more information about the contest, emails should be directed to amarlowe@jones.k12,

Winning presentations and the award of the prizes will be part of the Nov. 10 Jones County Veterans Appreciation Day program.