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Retired general has unique perspective

The Baldwin Bulletin

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TifTuf Bermuda

The University of Georgia turfgrass release, TifTufTM Bermuda grass, is available to homeowners. With TifTuf , drought tolerance just got a new standard. TifTuf was selected for its drought tolerance and ability to maintain turf quality under drought stress. Tiftuf also has decent shade tolerance making it a high quality choice for home lawns.

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Households throughout Georgia should have received at least four mailings from the Census Bureau requesting their participation in Census 2020.

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Looking to Gov. Kemp to get us through these tough times

I wouldn’t have Gov. Brian Kemp’s job. That’s a good thing because, to my knowledge, no one has offered the job to me. I have had readers in the past who suggested I run for public office, but I politely declined because the Woman Who Shares My Name would take a skillet to my head if I decided to do so. She isn’t crazy about politics, except she loved our recently retired senior senator, Johnny Isakson. That is because he made a big fuss over her and pretty much ignored me. Smart man.

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Seeing the South through different eyes

It was a quick, foolhardy decision born of a country girl who wanted to see more of the world than pasture fences, cows and hayfields. I came to regret it during all the nights I cried, homesick for all of that as well as the bullfrogs, crickets and dirt roads.

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Milledgeville Walmart video goes viral

Warner Robins man facing a reckless conduct charge

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