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Battling Blight: Committee working on remediation plan to present to county

Jones County’s Blight Committee held its first in-person meeting since the pandemic shutdown with a renewed passion to defeat blight in the community.

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Fall gardening

Developing a plan should be your first step. What are your goals? Growing fall vegetables? Adding nitrogen back in the soil? After identifying your goals, what are the necessary actions?

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Clarification on Adam & Eve

Dear Editor,

Just to remind us of what the word of God says, regarding the article in the Jones County News called “Features from the Bible, truth in scripture, more about Eve, the first woman, Adam’s wife”.

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Suicide Prevention Coalition holds meeting

How to connect resources to those who need them is the biggest question when it comes to suicide prevention.

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Drivers embrace online services

Hundreds of thousands of Georgians have renewed or obtained a licensing service without visiting a Department of Driver Services (DDS) customer service center since the Covid-19 emergency was declared March 14.

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Letter of appreciation

The family of the late Felton Miller acknowledges with sincere appreciation, your understanding, your prayers, and all other acts of kindness shown to us during our time of bereavement.

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